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Make a Pizza Party


Take a birthday child
Add some close friends
Sprinkle in some loved ones. 
Mix in the secret ingredient…Chef Carl

Viola you’ll have a, “Make A Pizza Party” guaranteed to deliver life –long memories for all who attend. Chef Carl does a remarkable job of making the whole experience very enjoyable for the children, parents and guest. For over twenty-five years his parties have been the subject of many New Jersey newspaper and magazines articles and have appeared on Emmy award- winning TV shows such as GOOD DAY NEW YORK. His party place is in Saddle Brook NJ but the Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens customers will enjoy the party’s right in their own apartment, house or venue.


Make a Pizza Party



Chef Carl’s Make A Pizza Party offers three party options one grander than the other and all   delivered to your apartment, house or venue personally by Chef Carl. The parties are fun, easy and yummy!

(Kosher or Gluten –free pizzas are available by request for an additional fee).

(The “ORIGINAL” party)

Includes the following:

Video demonstration: A funny video performed by Uncle Floyd and his puppet Oogie showing how (not) to make a pizza

Pizza Making Tools: Chef Carl and his assistant(s) will provide pizza dough ,sauce ,cheese ,paper ware, table cloths, placemats and chef hats for each child.

Magic and The Pizza Dance: Chef Carl, with the birthday child as his assistant, will show the children a few of his favorite magic tricks .And will teach and perform,”The Pizza Dance’

Happy Birthday Sing-a-long: Chef Carl will lead the children in a,”Happy Birthday “song.

Chef Carl University Graduation Ceremony: While their fellow little chefs applaud, each child will receive a diploma from “Chef Carl University”  

495.00 For up to 10 children

15.00 For each additional child                                              

Make a Pizza Party

*(The, “DELUXE “party)
*The most popular party        

It’s Two Parties in One. The,”Make A Pizza Party” plus an Ice Cream Social!

Includes the following:

Everything listed in Party #1


Dressed like a chef: Each child will get to design (crayons) wear, and keep their own chef’s apron.

Ice Cream Social: Each child will create their own ice cream sundae complete with toppings, syrup and whipped cream. And the birthday child with have a candle in his /her ice cream sundae as everyone sings,”Happy Birthday “.

Goodie Bags: Chef Carl and the birthday child will present each guest with a pizza-themed goodie bag.

595.00 For up to 10 children

20.00 For each additional child

Make a Pizza Party

The, “Supreme Party “
It’s Three Parties in One

”Make A Pizza Party” ,the,” Ice Cream Sundae Social” and the, ”Stuffing Animal’s Party”       

Includes the following:

Everything listed in Party # 1 and Party #2


Each child will select and stuff an animal of their choice from a large variety supplied by Chef Carl

795.00 For up to 10 children

50.00 For each additional child 


A NOTE TO PARENTS: Parties #2 and #3 are all inclusive.

No need for you to shop for food, birthday cake or goodie bags for the party

The children will eat the pizza they make and the juice drink and water that Chef Carl provides.

The Ice Cream Sundae that the children make will substitute for a birthday cake. Children would much rather eat an ice cream sundae (especially one they prepared) than cake.

And the pizza- themed goodie bag contains a gummy pizza, pizzeria game and a pizza designed cup .

Chef Carl’s Crew will set up, serve and clean up the party. These unique parties will be the talk of the town by your children, friends and family. 

Make a Pizza


Chef Carl has a special place in his heart for Special Needs. Over the years he has performed many programs designed for Special Needs. He makes the program fun, easy, and yummy.

Each participant receives a chef hat and apron. After making their pizza they participate in magic tricks and The Pizza Dance .They receive the applause of their fellow cooks when they each receive a diploma from Chef Carl University

These programs have been well received over the years and Chef Carl is asked to return year after year.

These programs start at 20.00 pp with a minimum of 20 participants 

Make a Pizza Party


Chef Carl has conducted many after-school programs. He adjusts the program to meet the needs of each school. Whether the school prefers a conventional pizza or whole wheat pizza or conventional spaghetti and meatballs or whole wheat spaghetti and turkey meatballs the chef and his crew will make it a fun, educational and yummy experience.

The children dress like chef’s .They all receive and keep chef hats and aprons .They prepare  their food .Participate in magic tricks and the Pizza Dance They all receive applause from their fellow chefs when their walk up to get their diploma from ,”Chef Carl University.    .

Pizza making is the most popular program. It starts at 20.00 pp with a minimum of 20 

Make a Pizza Party


Chef Carl has conducted numerous Summer Camp Programs. Pizza making is the most requested program. The children will each receive chef hats and aprons. They will make individual pizzas, participate in the magic tricks and perform the Pizza Dance. They will receive the applause of their fellow campers when they get graduation certificates from CHEF CARL UNIVERSITY. Carl makes the program fun, educational, and yummy

Camps start at 20.00  pp with 20 minimum


Make a Pizza Party

For over twenty –five years Chef Carl has performed his cooking parties for After-School Programs, Summer Camps and Special Needs Children and Adults. He can tailor the parties to meet your needs

Pizza (Kosher or Gluten-Free)
Healthy Pizza (Whole wheat crust, part-skimmed milk mozzarella)
Healthy Spaghetti (Whole Wheat Spaghetti)
Meat balls
Healthy Meat Balls (Turkey meat)
Baked Ziti
Turkey Sausage and peppers
Water melon Pizza
Yogurt Parfaits
Fresh Fruit Salads


Please check our web site

Or call 1 888 794 8540 to get more information from Chef Carl

Thank you

Make a Pizza Party








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