Innovate Manhattan Charter School

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  • 38 Delancey St., Floor 3
    New York, NY
  • 212-432-4310
  • Categories: Public School
Innovate Manhattan is a school for the twenty-first century. Based on the Kunskapsskolan model of Sweden, students are invited to become responsible, caring, and globally inquiring learners. All aspects of the program are organized for personalized learning. This holistic framework allows students to move at their own pace and incrementally learn to manage time, projects, and their emotional lives. With a six-day, after-school program, all students are encouraged to play an active role in school life through a blend of community service, the arts, cultural outings, sports, and international exchanges.

Meet the Director

David Penberg holds a Ph.D. from The University of British Columbia and a master’s degree from Bank Street College. For over thirty years he has taught and held leadership positions in independent and international schools, higher education, community-based organizations, and not-for-profits. He is an advocate of personalized learning and native New Yorker. Innovate represents what is possible in educating young people for the twenty-first century. Partnerships with Educational Alliance, SWAN, and the Sarah Roosevelt community garden further strengthen the ways Innovate is becoming a center of its community.

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