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Manhattan Mandarin

Midtown East, Chelsea

Manhattan Mandarin -

Manhattan Mandarin   

Welcome to Manhattan Mandarin! Whether your child is just beginning to learn Mandarin, or hoping to reach the next level on their way to mastering Mandarin, we cannot wait to help. 

Teachers -


Our company has grown from a handful of students working directly with our founder, Jamie Keyte, to 180+ weekly private lessons with 30 of the best teachers in the country. We have extensive experience working with all ages and skill levels. From 10 months old to 93 (seriously!), we have taught it all. We run 20 after school programs in NYC, the substitute programs at a half dozen schools, and help many of our tutors with job placement into some of the top schools in the city. As such, we have wonderful relationships with many of the Mandarin teachers throughout NY and are well positioned to prepare your child for a successful Mandarin journey. 



We have assembled a talented, passionate group of native and non-native teachers with a diverse set of backgrounds from PHD candidates to artists and entrepreneurs. MM is debunking the myth that Chinese is an impossibly difficult language to learn and we are eager to bring our extensive knowledge of the language and culture to your family. 

Classes -


Join us for remote group classes or book a free trial lesson for private classes at your family’s convenience. 

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Manhattan Mandarin is NYC’s premier tutoring and after school Mandarin program. Classes are available to all ages and skill levels delivered by some of the most sought after Mandarin teachers in the U.S. Schedule your free trial or assessment today and get on the path to fluency!