Mitchell Spearman Golf Academy

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Mitchell Spearman Golf Academy   Mitchell Spearman Golf Academy

We have been instrumental in helping juniors pursue their golf at the college & professional level and our juniors have won numerous local, state, and national tournaments.
We believe that a good golf game starts with a positive learning experience.

The mission of the Mitchell Spearman Junior Golf Program is to provide intensive and thorough golf programs that offer the best instruction available in the New York metropolitan area for junior golfers.

Mitchell Spearman Golf Academy   Mitchell Spearman Golf Academy

During our classes and programs students spend time both on the practice range and out on the golf course, learning what it takes to compete successfully at the highest levels. Whether your golfer aspires to just enjoy the game more, be a top ranked high school golfer, play college golf at the elite Division I level, or dreams of one day becoming a professional golfer our junior golf programs can help. The New York Junior Golf Academy is located at the Doral Arrowwood Golf Club in Westchester County offers an intense program open to all levels of junior players. Our staff of professional instructors works to create fun and exciting lesson plans for junior golfers from complete beginners all the way through to those that regularly play regional and national tournaments.


The Mitchell Spearman summer golf camp is an opportunity for junior golfers from the ages of 6-16 to greatly improve their game. This is the most popular summer golf camp in New York and our most popular program by far. Why? Because each of our camp experiences are designed to build or improve on existing skills quickly. We make sure to utilize small groups and a refined curriculum that aids in the training process.

Each of our summer golf camp experiences cover skills ranging from the fundamentals right up through advanced course management. Strategy, skills training, nothing is left out. Students are divided into groups of similar skill, ability, and age that enable fast paced learning in a fun, safe, and effective environment. We cover all aspects of the game: full swing, pitching, chipping, and putting. Each golfer has their swing viewed and analyzed by Top-100 Instructor Mitchell Spearman.

Mitchell Spearman Golf Academy   Mitchell Spearman Golf Academy


Full time program

The next step in your junior golfer’s future, the E.D.G.E. full time junior golf training program! Elite Development of Golf Expertise is what will make the difference for your golfer, when it counts. We’ve developed the best full-spectrum curriculum for junior golfers that has ever been seen and it’s not only going to give your golfer the winning edge but change the way golfers become collegiate and professional champions.

Designed based on the best practices of Mitchell Spearman and under his direct supervision golfers complete a phase of assessment and  are then taken though a highly specialized curriculum created for their success. Mitchell is intensely involved in the game development of each golfer with his team of instructors to provide daily lessons, weekly plans, and seasonal clinics. He has more than 30 years of experience as a golf instructor to PGA Tour players, celebrities, and some of the best junior amateurs in the game, and accounts for the often missed steps in the training process. Mitchell carefully plans for, measure, and executes each step, making the path clear and manageable.

Mitchell Spearman Golf Academy   Mitchell Spearman Golf Academy


Think of all this support as the creation of a golf resume, applicable for use in the business world or when the time comes for that golf scholarship. It’s true, many deals still happen out on the course… And if college is the goal, our assistance in the recruiting process through college connections, tournament results, and instructor recommendations are going to be hard to beat. When it comes to golf at the next level we know that exposure in all of these aspects are necessary to make the difference.

On top of all that we know that we can help our golfers with more than just golf by ensuring they stay home in their most formative years when the support is most necessary.


Need to be ready to compete this spring? Come inside with us this winter and keep working on your swing! Indoor junior golf lessons provide a great chance for golfers of all ages in the Westchester Area to keep their skills polished year-round and go into the Spring ready to conquer the course.

Mitchell Spearman Golf Academy

Our camps are celebrated as the Best in Westchester! and in 2014 we were recognized as Best in Manhattan! We are dedicated to creating a fun, positive environment for golfers of all ages and abilities to learn and improve, covering all aspects of the game from full-swing to putting. Our instruction is unmatched, Director of Junior Golf Andrew Farrell excels at working with junior golfers and has been honored by U.S. Kids Golf and each golfer’s swing is reviewed and analyzed by Top-100 Instructor Mitchell Spearman.

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