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Nassau & Suffolk locations  


Why Choose Saf-T-Swim? -

Why Choose Saf-T-Swim?   

Since 1984 Saf-T-Swim has been teaching lifesaving swimming skills throughout Nassau and Suffolk County. We’re proud to be Long Island’s leader in water safety education. With swim programs for infants, beginners and advanced swimmers, Saf-T-Swim offers kids swimming lessons for every age and skill level. Find out for yourself why generations of Long Islander's have trusted their children to swim with us time and time again.

Our Curriculum -

Our Curriculum   

- 1-On-1 attention from experienced swim teachers - Personalized lessons based on each child’s existing abilities and individual goals - A progressive curriculum focused on skill development, water safety, and proper swimming technique - Regular updates and communication with parents so they can see their child’s progress.

Infant & Toddler Swim Lessons -

Infant & Toddler Swim Lessons   

We believe in teaching fundamental survival swimming skills early to keep babies and toddlers safe in and around water. While some parents may be hesitant to enroll their children before they’re able to walk, early swimming lessons for infants and toddlers provide many benefits both cognitively and physically. We offer FREE swimming lessons for Babies 2-6 Months Old, call for details!

Baby & Me Program -

Baby & Me Program   

This unique bonding experience is for parents and babies ages 2 months - 3 years. In this small group class, students learn correct swimming movements while developing muscle strength and coordination. This class is a great stepping stone to our individual (1-On-1) lesson program. Parents (or guardian): bring your swimsuit - a parent/guardian must get in the water!

Children's Swim Lessons -

Children's Swim Lessons   

Each class is taught at the child’s own pace, focusing on the five essential swimming skills every child should learn: buoyancy, breath control, arm/leg motion, body positioning, and survival float basics.

Adult Swim Lessons   

No matter your age, it’s never too late to learn how to swim. At Saf-T-Swim, we help people of all ages develop fundamental swimming skills that allow them to (safely) make memories in and around the water.

Special Needs Swim Lessons   

Our swimming lessons can be therapeutic for kids with special needs, because water can help soothe sensory overload and give young swimmers relief from physical discomfort. As they develop greater balance, strength, coordination, and range of motion, these students often show increased confidence and self-esteem. Your young swimmer will also learn fundamental skills that keep them safer in and around water.

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When you enroll yourself or your child at Saf-T-Swim, you enjoy one-on-one lessons from experienced instructors who are passionate about helping students learn to swim. Our personalized approach is for swimmers of all ages and skill levels, including adults who've put off learning to swim and swimmers with special needs.