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Steps to Socialization

Social Thinking in a Social World

Steps to Socialization

Do you know this child?

She always sits alone on the bus
He interrupts other people’s conversations
She isn’t invited on play dates
He melts down when there’s unexpected change

The social world can be a challenging place.

Successful Friendships are Possible! 

At Steps to Socialization (s2s), we understand that not all children process social information the same way. Some have to be taught how to think socially, step by step.

From the welcome mat on our front porch to our team philosophy, we offer a safe and nurturing environment where experts in the field of social thinking help your child explore and discover how the social world works.

Your child will benefit from our proven approach to social learning.


Our unique program for children in elementary through high school with age-appropriate language skills features targeted group activities that make the hidden rules of daily social interaction simple and clear for those who find it hard to:

Establish and maintain friendships
Share space effectively
Interpret social cues
Work in groups
Pay attention and stay focused
Organize school tasks


These difficulties are often associated with:

Non-verbal learning disability
High functioning autism
Asperger syndrome
Other social challenges

Steps to Socialization


s2s can open the door to your child’s social world.

As a family-based social learning community, we also work with adults and older children with social thinking challenges. Please contact us for more information about these individual and group sessions.


About Us:


Evelyn Kashinsky, Social Skills Therapist


As a parent of children with special needs, Evelyn has been involved in the fields of special education and communication for many years. Her experiences led her to work towards a Masters Degree in Special Education. Her path took her to the Mentorship Training Program at Michelle Garcia Winner’s Social Thinking Clinic in San Jose, CA where she trained to bring these powerful techniques to her own children and to the professionals working with them. Their successes led to founding of Steps to Socialization.


“As a parent of children who have had difficulty fitting in and socializing with their peers I have searched for techniques to guide my children through the social maze. This journey has led me to establishing this program so that others may benefit by finding the path easier to navigate as they learn to be effective ‘socializers’ and enjoy interacting in the social world.”

Steps to Socialization



Parent of a 12 year old

“Our daughter always wanted to participate, but never quite knew how. s2s has increased her overall awareness of how to read social cues, how to interpret them and how to organize her thoughts to respond. Her confidence has shot up and she is now an active participant.” 

Parent of a 10 year old

“He’s not anti-social. He just doesn’t know how to be social. It’s as if the social world is a foreign country that he’s visiting, but he doesn’t speak the language or understand the customs. At s2s he is learning to speak the language.”

Parent of an 8 year old

“Our son was thrilled when he received his first phone call for a play date. Thank you for giving him the skills he needed.”

Parent of a 15 year old

“s2s utilizes a different approach to providing structured but fun and functional opportunities to guide social growth. They know exactly where my child’s difficulties are and plan activities geared to working on these areas. I am so pleased to have found s2s.”


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