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Looking for an Educated Nanny? Try a TeacherCaregiver!

TeacherCaregivers provide the nurturing care of a nanny with the natural learning that can happen in the warmth of your home. From birth to school age, our candidates care for all of your child's physical needs, in addition to their social, emotional, creative and intellectual needs.

Our goal is to give your child a happy childhood and a happy future.

Learn how you can bring the advantages of a personal teacher home at or call us at 888-TEACH-07.


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Are you looking for more than a nanny or childcare center? Discover TeacherCare. TeacherCaregivers provide for all of your child’s needs, from meals to transportation and beyond, in your home, while integrating customized, playful learning activities into the day. Our teachers and childcare specialists can also provide tutoring and specialty lessons. See the magic a teacher can bring to your home.