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Tenafly Nature Center

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Tenafly Nature Center 

Tenafly Nature Center


Family & Group Outings, Scout Trips,
Located in Bergen County, NJ, Tenafly Nature Center is one of America's most well respected nature preserves & promoters of environmental education. Tenafly Nature Center is run by the Tenafly Nature Center Association which is a nonprofit association charged with the stewardship of nearly 400 acres of Borough of Tenafly owned land.  The Tenafly Nature Center Association receives less than 10% of its annual budget from the Borough of Tenafly.  The remaining funding is through association membershipsdonationsgrants and educational programming & events.

Classroom Field Trips,
Birthday Parties & Summer Camp


Hiking, Walking & Wildlife Watching
Tenafly Nature Center is a sanctuary for human visitors - an island of green where bonds with nature can be renewed. Whether you have an hour or a day, our woods offer a peaceful respite from the rush of daily life.  We welcome visitors to take a leisurely walk to Pfister's Pond or enjoy a hike along our 7+ miles of trails between dawn and dusk. Wildlife enthusiasts can enjoy bird-watching and observe other wildlife on their own or join our educators monthly for guided nature walks and full moon hikes.

Adventures in Reading
Hikers can enjoy our seasonal StoryWalk®, an interactive outdoor exhibit that turns reading into an adventure. Read a nature-themed story while walking in the woods. Designed for beginning readers, stories will appeal to all ages.

Trail Running
Trail runners are welcome to train and enjoy a sprint through our woods along the 7+ miles of trails. In early spring, experienced trail runners are invited to discover the native terrain of the Lost Brook Preserve while participating in our annual Lost Brook Trail Race.

The Lost Brook Trail Race is a resurrection of the once great Raccoon Run and the first organized trail-running event in this nature preserve. During this 5 & 10 mile challenging run participants can experience sections of the trail in rocks and roots, foot bridges over streams, and thousand year-old boulders moved by the glaciers that one covered this landscape.  

Tenafly Nature Center


Letterboxing is a hobby that involves using clues to find secret boxes hidden in many locations. For more information and the clues for the letterbox hidden here at TNC please visit The box on site is titled Rock, Paper, Scissors. The letterboxes here were not placed by TNC staff, but are listed here because they may be of interest to visitors.

Geocaching is an outdoor activity for GPS users to use location coordinates shared on the internet to find caches all over the world. Once found, a cache may provide the visitor with a wide variety of rewards. For more information and the coordinates for the geocaches hidden here at TNC please visit Type in our zip code (07670); several caches can be found throughout the park. The caches here were not all placed by TNC staff, but are listed here because they maybe of interest to visitors.


Visit an Animal at our Visitor Center
While we are not a zoo, TNC does house a small collection of animals that cannot be released back into the wild. Instead, these animals help educate visitors about the needs of our local wildlife and the importance of protecting their habitats. These education animals are native or related to local species found throughout New Jersey. Come in to find out more about our Animal Ambassadors.

Tenafly Nature Center Tenafly Nature Center Tenafly Nature Center


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