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Textile Arts Center

Brooklyn // 718-369-0222
Manhattan // 646-225-6554


Textile Arts Center



Kids of TAC After School are hands-on classes in the textile arts. Our program runs from 3pm - 6pm* Monday - Thursday in Brooklyn, and Monday-Wednesday in Manhattan. Class run in 8-week cycles, rotating through Weaving, Printing & Dyeing, Felting & Soft Sculpture, and Sewing & Fashion. You can try one or all four!

Each 8-week class is $470. Space is limited.

Pick up is available at the following schools: 


*Not all school pick-ups are available for all days, please be sure to read availability carefully below! 

PS 321  //  (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday)

PS 372   //  (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday)

PS 58  //  (Monday, Tuesday)

PS 32  //  (Monday, Tuesday)

Berkeley Carroll School //  (Wednesday, Thursday)

PS 118  //  (Wednesday, Thursday)



PS 41  //  (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday)

PS 3  //  (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday)

Village Community School  //  (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday)

*From 3pm-4pm is homework and snack time. Class begins at 4pm.


Sibling Discount: Save 10% off each additional child(ren) you register for a session at the same time.
Multi-Session Discount: Save 10% off each additional session when you register for them at once.

Get $25 off by using the code NYM2018

Textiles Arts Center



We offer full day mini-sessions of classes for kids aged 5 - 11 when they are on break from school - even one day camps! Mini Camps are available at our Brooklyn or Manhattan Studios. 

In these classes, students explore subjects such as weaving, sewing, embroidery, printing, felting and dyeing. Each day is dedicated to a full project, and supplemented with organized play time. 


Drop off: 9AM
Pick up: 5PM

Please supply your child with lunch and snack.

Weekly Schedule for WEEK LONG Camps

Monday = Weaving
Tuesday = Dyeing 
Wednesday = Printing
Thursday = Felting
Friday = Weaving

Price: $135 per day

**10% discount for additional sessions after the first will be applied at registration as long as you register at once.**

Dates, schedules, and rates are for both Brooklyn and Manhattan locations. 

Get $25 off by using the code NYM2018


Textile Arts Center


Textile Arts Center Summer Camp welcomes campers ages 5-12 in Brooklyn or Manhattan to create and connect with the world of contemporary and historical textiles in interactive and exciting week long programs.

With each new session of camp your child will create an in depth project in Weaving Class or Textile Surface Design Class, as well as daily craft projects using fiber and textile processes and concepts drawn from the exhibition we visit on our field trip.

Textiles exist in the world of utility as well as fine art and exist in nearly every aspect of our everyday life. Learning about how something is made and the labor that goes into it promotes appreciation of makers and our ecological impact. We empower youth to see themselves as the makers and innovators of the future and to continue their relationship with textiles well after their week at TAC.

TAC staffers are all working artists, designers, researchers, creative practitioners, trained and passionate about working with creative young people.  We pride ourselves on creating a nurturing camp community with attention to each individual while fostering an engaging group dynamic. Campers are sure to leave with incredible textiles, great friendships, and lasting memories.

TAC Summer Camp for 5+6 runs from 9AM - 3PM. Each weekly session is $450 including materials + fees.

TAC Summer Camp for 7-12 runs from 9AM - 5PM. Each weekly session is $525 including materials + fees. 

Get $25 off by using the code NYM2018

Textile Arts Center




Birthday parties at Textile Arts Center are held in our Brooklyn or Manhattan location and offer 2 hours of creative time with a half hour of celebration. Food and cake are provided by parents, TAC provides the creativity! Party goers will leave with a great experience, a great project, a sugar high, and goody bags from TAC.


Time Slots: Saturdays, 11:00 AM - 1:30 PM


*If a date does not appear, it is unavailable.




Up to 8 kids (including birthday child): $485
9-12 kids (including birthday child): additional $285
9-16 kids (including birthday child): additional $485


*Deposit is $485 to reserve your date. If you are only having 8 kids (including birthday child), no further payment is needed. Additional guests up to 16 total (including birthday child) require that you pay the additional balance as stated above no less than one week prior to birthday party date. 




Get $25 off by using the code NYM2018


Textile Arts Center


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