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Vincent Smith School

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Vincent Smith


Vincent Smith School



Tuesday, April 16, 2019: 7pm-9pm


Since 1924, The Vincent Smith School has been the premier, independent, private day school for families seeking small classes, specialized instruction, and nurturing teachers for students in grades 1-12 with learning difficulties.  

Vincent Smith is widely known for our individualized, full-time programs for students in grades 1-12 with AD/HD or Learning Disorders such as Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Dysgraphia, Auditory Processing Disorders, and Language (Expressive/Receptive) Processing Disorders. 

Whether your child has a reluctance to learn, school avoidance, generalized anxiety, or a learning disability, they can find a supportive and nurturing environment at Vincent Smith. 

Vincent Smith School  


At The Vincent Smith School, your child will benefit from our strong emphasis on

  • Academic excellence
  • Individualized curriculum
  • College prep & career counseling
  • A strong home/school connection
  • Reading and speech therapies
  • Small supportive classes
  • Social skills
  • Art and music

We are chartered by the NY State Board of Regents and accredited by the NY State Association of Independent Schools (NYAIS).


Approximately 85% of our graduates go on to college and other post-secondary education. Vincent Smith students have achieved successful careers in the arts, media, education, and entrepreneurship.  

Vincent Smith School Vincent Smith School


Come tour our beautiful 5-acre campus, where classrooms have full views of our tree-covered, spacious grounds.
Because we excel at differentiated instruction and a multi-sensory approach to learning, your child will learn how to learn, while developing the essential social and emotional skills necessary for their success beyond school. Vincent Smith offers full-time, on-site specialists for speech, reading, counseling, and occupational therapy. 


Vincent Smith School


 Learn more at or contact Michele Hoyos, (516)365-4900,  The Vincent Smith School offers private tours whenever convenient for you and accepts new students any time, throughout the year. 

Vincent Smith  


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