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We Connect The Dots

180 Michael Drive

Syosset, NY


We Connect the Dots


Learning to code helps students to build computational thinking skills. We Connect the Dots instructs Long Island kids, ages 7-12 and 13-18, on how to approach new information and new problems using the same cognitive processes as computer scientists. Outcomes include greater math competence, improved communication skills and the ability to learn and develop independently.

We Connect the Dots


We Connect the Dots


We Connect the Dots


Assessing Learning Needs and Skills  

We Connect the Dots assesses learning needs prior to and during participation in our program – held in our Syosset, New York, STEAM Research and Education Center, Nebula Academy – to plan personalized objectives. Sessions provide project-based experiential learning wherein students gain knowledge and demonstrate competency through projects, working together both in-person and digitally on our collaboration platform with others of varying ages and abilities. 

We Connect the Dots Accomplishment Pins  

As students build capacity they earn our accomplishment pins that they can wear proudly on our We Connect the Dots/Nebula Academy Backpack. 

We Connect the Dots

Coding Competencies 

Students build capacity in the following coding frameworks and other technologies: 

* Mastery of JavaScript Foundations
* Mastery of Python Foundations
* Mastery of HTML, and CSS
* Mastery of Advanced Python Competencies
* Mastery of Advanced JavaScript Competencies
* Mastery of GitHub Foundations
* Mastery of Digital Citizenship
* Mastery of GitHub Pages
* Teams Community Contributor 

Register for Our Coding Programs  

Our programs are ongoing from September 30th – June 15th, purchase a 5, 10, 15, or 30-week package.

Program costs: First time registration fee of $50 per student included in package fees.

* $295.00 for 5 Week Package
* $495.00 for 10 Week Package
* $695.00 for 15 Week Package
*$1,295.00 for 30 Week Package 

We Connect the Dots

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We Connect the Dots


We Connect the Dots


We Connect the Dots



We Connect the Dots


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Learning to code is recognized as one of today’s most important skills for academic and career success. Some of the outcomes that we see in students who participate in our computational thinking programs are greater math competence, improved communication skills, and the ability to learn and develop independently. (For ages 7-18).