Your Journey to College

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Your Journey to College

Your Journey to College
Private College Consulting 

Your Journey to College
Phone: 631 834-9503

Selecting a college is an important decision. This process may include some challenges however, there is no reason it can't be enjoyable and productive! At 
Your Journey To College, we know that students have their own path when it comes to completing this process and we work with students to assist them with the college search and application process, which results in maximizing options!

Your Journey To College offers a wide array of services for the high school student and their family.

Our personalized college admissions package can include: 

College search & career matches
Personalized timeline to meet your college application deadlines
Customized college list (safety, match, dream schools)
Admissions testing suggestions (SAT/ACT)
Essay preparation and assistance
Completion and submission of all applications
Creation of a comprehensive activity resume
Scholarship resources
Suggestions for letters of recommendation
Tips for interviewing
Beginning-to-end support!

Check out our parent and student testimonials and let me know if I can be of assistance!

Your Journey to College

Jeanmarie Wilson, M.S. Ed has been a School Counselor for over 25 years and is a co-founder and college consultant at
Your Journey To College. Jeanmarie conducts workshops for parents and students at several Long Island School Districts and libraries. She is the author of Parenting from Your Soul and is passionate about helping students find a great college match while helping parents create a strong bond with their children as they grow! 

Learn How to Be the Best Parent You Can Be!

Have you ever wondered...

How do I fulfill all the responsibilities in my life and still remain present as a parent?
How can I know if I am making the best decisions for my children?
What is the best way to reach my “highest self” as a parent?
How can I maintain a close & connected relationship with my children as they grow?
Can I learn to accept my own imperfections as a parent?
Is it possible to truly accept my children as they move through different phases & situations in their lives, even if I don’t agree with their choices or actions?
What parenting approach is best for difficult situations?

Jeanmarie Wilson, M.S. School Counseling, has been a high school counselor for over twenty-five years and is the parent of two young adults. Her book, Parenting from Your Soul, offers a new way to view the parenting role, based on information she learned from working with thousands of families over the years, raising her own children and from the awareness she gained along her own spiritual journey.

Jeanmarie has created a Positive Parenting Workshops Series, has presented workshops on college planning and cultivating your relationship with your teenage/young adult child, regularly contributes to an on-line parenting forum, and has a college consulting company, Your Journey To College.  She has published articles on parenting for several magazines and maintains a blog about parenting, relationships and self-growth on her website. Her book has been featured at the I Can Do It Conference in NYC, which is produced by Hay House.  Parenting from Your Soul has also won awards in book competitions and has garnered many positive book reviews. Jeanmarie is passionate about helping parents approach their amazing, yet often challenging, parenting journey with compassion and wisdom!


Your Journey to College

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