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Construction Kids

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About our Summer Camp Program:

ConstructionKids' Week Long Summer Camps are known for the dynamic projects campers build. We teach safe, appropriate tool usage, along with drawing, painting, and creative play. We aim to foster each child’s confidence in their skills at designing, making, repairing, and revising.

Summer Camp for Ages 4 to 6 years old:

Our mission is to nurture Campers with active and creative minds.  We encourage the imagination and problem-solving skills of our campers by showing them they can learn to make anything they want with the help of some wood, a hammer, and some nails.

Advanced Summer Camp for Ages 7 to 9 years old:

Designed for first time and experienced campers who are looking to challenge their engineering, problem solving, and critical reasoning abilities with complex multi-day projects.  The camp week will incorporate traditional ConstructionKids tools with our new power tool lessons and usage.  These camps are great for ConstructionKids camp alumni who want to take their skills to the next level 

Our Camp Day is 9 am to 4 pm.  Our doors open for drop-off at 845am.  An extended day until 5pm is available.

Construction Kids


Chaperoned Transportation

Chaperoned transportation from Barclays Center is available for Brooklyn Navy Yard Location.

Note About Age

At the younger end, children must have completed a pre-K full day program, be at least 4 years old, and entering K in fall 2017.


Construction Kids Construction Kids



2017 Summer Camp Themes


New Camps for Ages 4-6 in 2017, New Camps for ages 7 t0 9 in 2017

New Camps for Ages 4 to 6:

Free Build Week:

            As parents, we know that our children’s creativity is only limited by their skills and resources.  During Free Build, we provide the tools and teach the skills, and then let the campers’ imaginations run wild!  Under careful supervision and with an emphasis on safety, campers will learn how to use a wide range of real tools, as well as how to handle different materials as they build a dynamic series of self-created projects.  Each day campers will explore the basic tenants of STEM –  planning, exploring options, making repairs, and completing work – with the help of counselors, who will foster each camper’s self-reliance, problem solving, confidence, and creativity. This fun and educational week will give each child the building blocks for future creative and intellectual endeavors.

Castles and Catapults Week:

            Whether it’s a story you read to your child now or was read to you when you were young, many a great tale takes place in the imaginative world of Castles and Catapults. This week at ConstructionKids explores the connection between story-telling and physics.  Campers will begin the week building castles inspired from all around the world.  From the great castles of Europe to the majestic fortresses of the Middle East and beyond, campers will first build keeps, moats, and gatehouses. As the week progress, campers will create catapults, the ancient defensive device that relies on tension, torsion and gravity!  This fun and exciting building course is, at its heart, a physics class that will inspire campers for years to come.


Construction Kids

Marble Madness Week:

            During Marble Madness, an “old world” toy gets a new twist as campers explore the possibilities of offered by marbles. Campers will build single and multi-level mega marble runs, mazes, and plane jumps that, to the campers’ delight, will cause their marbles to roll, jump, hop, and bounce! This exciting and creative week will teach campers about the laws of physics, forces in motion, and angles, all while learning about safe and appropriate tool usage.

Movies and Games Come to Life

            What is your camper’s favorite movie and game? Does your camper spend countless hours watching or playing it over and over and over again, obsessed with a favorite character? If your camper loves movies and games, this week is not to be missed! Movies and Games Come to Life is the ultimate hands-on, screen-free way to turn favorite movies and games into real, imagination play. Campers will recreate beloved screen characters, as well as invent new characters and stories, into versions they can take home.  With a hefty dose of fun and whimsy, campers will tap into their own imaginations to create stories while learning how to use all of ConstructionKids tools and design methodology.

Under the Sea

            Dive into the world of sea creatures, both real and imaginary, during Under the Sea.  Campers will build their favorite underwater animals, or they can use their imagination to create fantastical new creatures.  Under the Sea is a week of learning how to use hammers bolts, nails, wrenches and drill as your camper embarks on a whimsical journey with sea creatures large and small!


Picture 5:  Keep the guitars


New Camps for Ages 7-9:

Advanced Bridge Building

            Did your camper have a blast at Wheels and Bridges Camp last year?  Are they a budding engineer or fascinated with building complex projects? If so,  Advanced Bridge Building is designed for your camper. Consisting of over 100 pieces, our advanced bridge is a working suspension bridge that can accommodate ConstructionKids standard wheeled vehicles.  Once built, the bridge can be disassembled and packed away into a medium sized wooden case built by your camper for this purpose. This project will offer many sessions of creative play long after camp ends!

Make Your Own Erector Set

            The erector set, in one form or another has been around since the early 1900’s.  At ConstructionKids, we are bringing the erector set back in a unique way!  Instead of erecting a structure from pre-fabricated pieces provided to the builder, each camper will build and design a personal erector set. The only rules in this camp are those of physics, geometry, and other mathematics! During Make Your Own Erector Set, campers will learn how to learn the importance of precision during the creative design and construction of pieces.  After a week of re-envisioning what comprises an erector set, campers will have a unique toy and storage case that they designed and created.  Who knows how far our advanced builder will take this idea!  We can’t wait to find out!

Pirates and Pirate Ships

            The smell of the ocean, the open sea before you, and there in the distance, slowly moving closer and getting clearer…the Jolly Roger! Pirate ships and pirates, such as Blackbeard, Anne Bonnie, and Thomas Cavendish, have sparked our imaginations for hundreds of years.  During Pirates and Pirate Ships, campers will sail the high seas on tri-level pirate ships.  This complex and robust project will involve using hammers, wrenches, rasps, and drills.  Each camper will design the ship’s basic shape, create a sturdy hull out of plaster tape, and upon assembly furnish the various decks with barrels, cargo, ropes, cannons, and all of the other accoutrements of piracy. There may even be treasure, treasure chests, and compasses! 

Advanced Building and Cities

            Since its first run, Buildings and Cities has been one of ConstructionKids most popular camps. To meet the overwhelming demand from builders and parents alike, we are adding a Advanced Building and Cities, during which campers will work with new tools that allow campers to design and build more complex structures. Taking a cue from current building methods, campers will learn how to construct frames and to frame out taller and more complex buildings.  Working with more sophisticated tools, designs, and fabrication methods, campers will also be introduced to the engineering of electricity.  By the end of the week, their skyscraper skylines will really come alive!

Construction Kids

Music Star

            A week of building our own musical instruments and some of the equipment we would need to be in our own band!  As budding Music Stars, campers will begin the week building a version of an electric music stand called a Vibraphone, and end the week constructing their own guitars. Based on the work ConstructionKids has provided in schools for science curriculum units on sound and acoustics, campers will learn about the qualities and varieties of sound and how the construction of an instrument can impact the sound that it makes. Absolutely no musical talent or experience is required for this camp! This is a week for making things that make great sounds. Come play with us!

Game of Skill

            A game of skill is one where chance is not the deciding factor!  Campers will build both intellectually challenging games, like Scrabble-type boards, as well as classic arcade games, like Pin Ball, Knock Hockey, and Dart Boards. Games of Skill demonstrates the capacity children have to be creators of their own entertainment rather than passive consumers. Don’t just play a game: Make it! 

Advanced Free Build

Are your Campers ready for dill presses, oscillating multi-tools, and belt sanders? During Advanced Free Build, we introduce these new tools so that our advanced builders can take their self-created projects to the next level.  Each day campers will explore the basic tenants of STEM –  planning, exploring options, making repairs, and completing work – with the help of counselors, who will foster each camper’s self-reliance, problem solving, confidence, and creativity. This fun and educational week will give each child the building blocks for future creative and intellectual endeavors.

Returning Favorites for ages 4 to 6:

Go-Karts & Skateboards

            The week kicks off with a Buddy Build:  campers will build and decorate a small Go-Kart with a friend!  Using a variety of tool and materials to build their unique vehicle, campers will learn terminology and options for brakes and steering, as well as how to accessorize while maintaining performance! Once “road ready,” each team will continue their teamwork by sharing driving duties and pit stops.  As the week progresses, we'll move into a more complex project as campers build their own skateboard from scratch!  Beginning with blank decks, we will skillfully design an image by experimenting with successive drafts to embellish them. By installing every bearing, bolt, bushing, and washer themselves, campers will understand how to make repairs using different tools and skills they acquire as they piece together the wheels and trucks to the board.  Go-Karts & Skateboards always proves to be one of our most exciting weeks as campers surprise us (and themselves!) with the range of different designs they create. 

Wheels and Bridges

            What’s a set of wheels without some open road and some bridges to cross? Wheels and Bridges provides a twist on one of our classic camps, as we will be building a variety of vehicles – from cars, trucks, trains, or anything else campers can imagine – that have wheels.  Our motto:  if it can roll, we can make it! Each day, campers will also create a system of roads and bridges for their vehicles to explore. The bridges alone – with their beams, arches, and trusses –  will be certain to capture each young engineer’s imagination.

Buildings and Cities

            Campers will unleash their creativity by designing cities and building the components of their very own urban network. Beginning with homes and progressing to neighborhoods, campers will map streets, build different classes of structures, and then link them all with roads, bridges, airports, and rivers. Whether their cities are based in reality or their imagination – we’ve seen campers build underground, underwater, and even alien communities! – Buildings and Cities is sure to inspire campers to contemplate how and where we live, as well as to explore the possibility of what a city can be.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the day set up?

The ConstructionKids summer camp day is structured like a typical school day with respect to meals, rest, and activities. Our day starts with a brief full group meeting to discuss the day's projects/events. We then break into smaller groups and work on building projects. Mid-morning, we take a break for snack, we then do more project work until lunch. Lunch is 30 minutes – 35 minutesand includes hand-washing, drinks, eating lunch and cleanup. Lunch is a social event; staff will encourage children to eat as they chat. We then have a quiet period for approximately 30 minutes where children can read, play with pokemon cards or trading cards, draw, or just talk with friends. When the quiet period ends we resume building and take an afternoon snack break at approximately 2:30pm.  The balance of the day can be a combination of building projects or playing with our completed work.  Cleanup starts at around 3:30-3:45pm and our day ends at 4pm.

What is the food arrangement?

Parents send 2 hearty snacks, a lunch and a water bottle.  Lunch and snacks should be labeled so that our staff can ensure the children are eating properly. We do our best to encourage children to eat their meals in a polite and social setting. Parents may send drinks other than water.  We are a nut-free zone – do not include any nuts, nut butters or any products containing nuts (including but not limited to; peanut butter, Nutella, tree nuts (almonds, cashews, coconut, etc.). We do not have a microwave or a refrigerator for children's lunches.

What should children wear to camp?

Children can wear anything they choose, clothing should be suitable for an active day. We use washable school grade paints, parents should send a paint shirt if concerned about clothing. We go out for active play and walking; no open toed shoes or sandals. Sneakers, crocs and similar are fine. It's really important that children are able to see; long hair should be held back with elastic, or a hat.

What else should children bring?

Besides a lunch and 2 snacks, younger children should have an extra set of pants/shorts, underwear, and socks. We do not allow the use of electronic devices in our shop – please leave these items at home.

Do you remind younger children to use the bathroom?

We remind all children to use the bathroom at appropriate intervals during the day and before going outdoors. For the younger children we ask that parents send a spare pair of pants/shorts, underwear and socks—it's an exciting day, as mindful as our staff is, sometimes the excitement runs faster than a young child realizes.

Will my child be bored if (s)he repeats a camp?

Our experience is that most children enjoy repeating a camp or project. The second time around, they are excited and exhibit confidence; they 'know' what to do, and use the opportunity to do or create something they didn't the first time. In the class descriptions we have included 'What's new this summer" which describe some of the new projects we develop to keep the program 'fresh'.

Can siblings be together?

Yes, if they are nearly the same age and that is your preference. We have found however that keeping siblings together "so the older one will take care of the younger" to be a detriment to the older child and often inhibits both children socially. The camp week as a whole will offer opportunities for siblings of different ages to connect with each other and 'ground' themselves. We will honor sibling requests to be together all day if they are no more than one year apart.

Can friends be grouped together?

Yes, pairs work nicely and larger friend groups have certainly worked out well. Our staff will help to strike a balance between having your child spend a fun week with buddies and giving your child the chance to meet some other nice kids.

What ages can attend camp?

Ages 4-9. Children must have completed pre-K and/or be entering Kindergarten prior to attending camp. Please contact us if you feel your underage child merits inclusion. 

Do you break the children into age groups?

We will be sub-grouping children by age for some parts of project development. This will enable projects to be age-appropriate, and be challenging for both new and experienced builders. We also want to encourage the meeting of new friends, bonding as a group, and making friendships with counselors and young staff. That said, we have in the past very much valued the connections that children make with older or younger peers as they work on projects. The open floor area allows children to walk around and admire the work of others; we will continue to encourage this. Our system of 'building our tables' each morning and the fluid arrangement of tables gives children the choice of group or more intimate socializing.

Do we need a health form?

After you have registered and paid for a summer camp program the confirmation email will include two forms: one to be completed by the parent and the other by a doctor.  The forms must be submitted via the Active registration system by 30 days before the first session your child is registered for or their registration will be cancelled with no refund.

What if my child has special needs?

By all means tell us; your honesty is the key to your child and the other children having a fun week. We make every effort to accommodate children with special physical, cognitive, and emotional needs. ConstructionKids is an alternative hands-on learning experience, which may work well for children with alternative learning skills. Many children and our staff have enjoyed some special camp experiences as a result. That said, our staff is not specially trained nor qualified to meet the needs of all children. Some examples that have successfully worked are: your child has an aide, an IEP, is receiving counseling, has a diagnosis of ADHD or OCD, or is physically impaired. Our workshop is a loud, active, and social setting and may not be appropriate for all children. Please email us before enrolling in camp to discuss your child's particular needs. We will do our best to accommodate our diverse and dynamic community.

What is you cancellation policy?

Sorry, but we do not offer refunds once a camp registration has been completed.

Do you offer an extended day?

Yes. An extended day until 5pm is available for an extra $25 per day. NOTE: payment for extended day must be made by noon on the previous day.



ConstructionKids' Camps are known for the dynamic projects campers build. We teach safe, appropriate tool usage, along with creative play. Camp for ages 4-6: we encourage the imagination and problem-solving skills of our campers by showing them they can learn to make anything they want with the help of some wood, a hammer, and nails. Advanced Camp for ages 7-9: designed for first time and experienced campers who are looking to challenge their engineering, problem solving, and critical reasoning abilities with complex multi-day projects.

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