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Why do parents bring their kids (or themselves) for Homeopathic care, and what is Homeopathy anyway, and who is Dr Dushkin?

Parents often bring their children for Homeopathic care when their kids are either not getting better with medication, or they don’t want to put their kids on medication. Some examples are recurring ear infections with recurring antibiotic use,  ADD/ADHD,  allergies,  asthma, eczema, sleep disturbances among other conditions

Homeopathy is a medical specialty. Some important things to know – it starts with the understanding that there is a natural healing mechanism inside of all of us. The goal of the FDA-regulated Homeopathic medicines is to activate that mechanism to restore health, balance,  and well-being to the person.

Also important to understand is that a Homeopathic doctor treats each person, regardless of their age, as an individual. Since we are all NOT the same, and anyone who has a sibling, spouse, or more than one child, knows this to be true! Homeopathic care recognizes this individuality and treats each person that way.


Ron Dushkin, MD is a licensed physician in NY state. Over 30 years ago, after practicing conventional medicine for a number of years, he began the practice of Homeopathic Medicine.

Dr Dushkin has been a rural Family Physician, a Holistic Physician at the Kripalu Yoga Center in Lenox, Massachusetts, and was a Charter Member of the American Holistic Medical Association in 1979. Dr Dushkin currently has his private Homeopathic Medical Practice in New York City.

He is a Homeopathic  medical consultant and is not a substitute for a pediatrician or a primary care physician.

For more information, please view the video, and check his website www.drdushkin.com   


Dr. Dushkin

Dr. Dushkin helps children to get well, and stay well, using the FDA-approved homeopathic medicines. These natural medicines "work with" the body and mind to gently heal, rebalance, and stay healthy. He is warm and caring, and treats each child as an individual, not as "a diagnosis.” He can help create an individual and realistic lifestyle plan to reduce stress and promote health and well being. Dr. Dushkin’s 15 years of experience and training at the Kripalu Yoga and Wellness Center in Massachusetts enables him to counsel and instruct in meditation and yoga when he deems it appropriate.

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