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Welcome To Modern Warrior!

Since Modern Warrior opened in 1981, we have been dedicated to quality instruction and a responsible approach to Martial Arts, Self Defense and Defensive Tactics.

The School

Modern Warrior® was founded in 1981 by Phil Messina (Sgt. NYPD Ret.) and is located at our specially designed, one-of-a-kind self-defense training facility in Lindenhurst, NY.

We are proud to offer practical programs for everyone age 5 and older.


Wolverinz Youth Program

Martial Arts and leadership program for kids, tweens and teens. Youth will learn empowering techniques and strategies to defend themselves against bullies and potential abductors. Students also foster ability to work within and lead a team.

Do you worry about your child walking home from the bus stop alone? Concerned that your child may be being bullied and there's potential for your child to become the victim of an assault? Want to keep your child from becoming a bully? Want to increase your child’s attention span, teamwork, and leadership skills? Then this is the program for you!

The Wolverinz Martial Arts and Leadership Program gives kids skills and parents a piece of mind! Wolverinz learn practical Anti-bullying, Anti-abduction, and Self-Defense techniques in realistic environments and real life scenarios that emphasizes leadership, teamwork, accountability, and good decision-making. 

What Makes Modern Warrior So Different?

  • Modern Warrior Believes that no one learns how to really protect themselves, or others, by wearing uniforms or looking in a mirror.
  • We believe in one-on-one training, and practicing with different sized “bad guys” while wearing clothes and footwear we normally wear in imperfect environments.
  • We believe developing a sense of accountability, team working skills, leadership, a “big picture” thought process creates confident, successful citizens who are accepting of, and courteous to others.

Your children will learn to outsmart and get away from abductors, how to get away from home invaders or carjackers, how to protect against school yard bullies, what to do if someone grabs their backpack, puts their hands directly on them, and much, much more!   

Our Wolverinz program has received a lot of positive feedback from parents, including this review on "Phil, the master, is great with the kids and Megan is a sweetheart. All three of my sons go together and it's done wonders for them at home. I see more confidence in handling school situations and I like that Modern Warrior has a focus on the real life training they need."

$89 per month for 1 child

$79 for the second child

$69 for each for 3 or more children

(A one time Membership Fee of $99 covers all children in nuclear family for life)

Join with a friend and save $10/month
Save $10/month when a family member joins another one of our programs 

NO Uniforms! NO Belt Testing Fees! NO Contracts!

Our Martial Arts Courses

Improve coordination and balance. Develop the ability to function under stress. Foster healthy self-esteem. Protect and defense yourself, and your loved ones, from an attack by a bad guy. We offer dynamic programs available for youth and adults in Bo Fung Do — the way of the sudden storm!   

Click here to view our Martial Arts courses.

At Modern Warrior, we strive to build lifetime warrior skills! Your family will learn the internal (strategy, mindset, warrior thinking) and external (best ways to block, hit, kick, etc...) aspects of self defense.

Our reality-based training emphasizes real-life scenarios, including how to overcome an attack by multiples, how to safely maneuver with bad flooring (such as uneven ground, slippery conditions, etc...), bad weather (our environmental simulator room provides us with the ability to simulate rain, snow, wind, and even fog!), and how to WIN even if you're injured! When it comes to an attack by a bad guy, there are no referees calling the shots. You need to be prepared for what real criminals will try to do to you, and know just what to do in response so you can protect and defend yourself. All our programs have on-going enrollment; start taking classes as soon as you want! Please click here if you wish to join a class.

Tour Our School 

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Meet the Director

Phil Messina, president of Modern Warrior®, has over 50 years of martial arts, and over 40 years of police defensive tactics, experience. Phil was highly decorated as an NYPD Sergeant. Phil uses what he learned about criminals and their methods of choosing their victims to train others how to best deter and, if needed, physically fight off attackers. Modern Warrior’s Wolverinz Youth Program teaches realistic self-defense against threats common to kids, yet also includes an overall theme of leadership, teamwork, and responsible decision-making skills.

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