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Picasso Kidz

Picasso Kidz

Picasso Kidz

Where children’s creativity is nurtured and respected. The magic of art making is a process that is inherent in human existence and especially in children. 

At Picasso Kidz, children will explore all aspects of creating including painting, drawing, printmaking, collage, and sculpture. In our classes, children will create art that is developmentally appropriate in a caring and nurturing environment by a New York state certified teacher.


Picasso Kidz offers 1 week half day art camps for children of all ages. Our camps are taught by NYS Certified art teachers and are engaging, educational, unique and fun!!!  Each camp follows an artistic theme for the week in which children will be learning about and creating art in that theme. Each camp is 2 1/2 hours with a short break for snack.  We ask that you bring a peanut free snack for your child.

Our Camps are $250 for the week and include all supplies. Sibling and Multi-camp discounts available.


Picasso Kidz

ArCamps Classes

Portraits Through History- Each day the students will be learning about a different portrait artist as well as exploring different materials to embodythe style and technique of that artist to create a new and exciting portrait each day

Matisse Mania- Exploring the artwork of artist Henri Matisse as he goes through different art stages in his life, each day student’s will be discovering the artist’s style and technique as they explore and learn using different materials.

Art from Around the World- Travel to countries from all around the world as you explore how the art from each culture serves a religious, spiritual, or social purpose. Children will paint, draw, sculpt and more as they learn about the art from many lands such as Africa, Mexico, Japan, India, and more.

Exploring Sculpture- Students will learn about and explore various mediums used in sculpture such as : Wood, clay, paper Mache, Plaster and more. Students will also learn about Famous Sculpture Artists as they relate to each medium.

Explorations in Art- This camp is specifically designed for our youngest artists as a way to explore all aspects of art.  This camp will give children age 4 an understanding of all mediums in art including; Painting, Drawing, Printmaking, Sculpture and Collage.  

Optical Art- Optical Art or Op-Art is a style of art that uses optical illusions. Children will learn about how Op-Art started and the famous artists associated with this movement in art. Children will create their own op-art pieces utilizing a variety of mediums 

Beach Art- No Summer on LI is complete without MANY trips to our awesome beaches!!! Celebrate the beach with this camp as we create art inspired by the beach. Paint a lighthouse, sculpt some fish, draw some

Book Making- Children will learn about and create various types of books including, accordion books, bookbinding, recycled books, envelope books and more. Children will create various artistic papers to use as covers and decor for their books.  Finished books can used for: Journals, photo albums, sketchbooks, address books, etc...

Art and Children's Literature- Children will read and learn about beloved children’s authors such as Eric Carle, Antoinette Portis, Lois Ehlert, and more. Fun and whimsical art will be created based on books read.  



Mommy (or special Adult) and Me Ages 2-3 

Picasso Kidz

Our Mommy and me classes are designed for the littlest emerging artists. With the guidance and nurturing of both teacher and parent children age 2 and 3 will be introduced to various art materials including paint, clay, collage, glue, printmaking and more.  This is a time of creative exploration and emphasis is placed on the process of art making rather than the final product 

Extraordinary Picasso's Ages 2+ (For Children with Special Needs)  

Picasso Kidz

This class is designed to meet the needs of children with special needs.  Our NYS certified art teachers, trained by Missing Piece Awareness, will work with you and your child to provide the with an art education that meets their needs.  Children will learn about explore all different art mediums including painting, drawing, sculpture, collage and more in a supportive environment with patience and care.  Caregivers must be present.  Therapists are welcomed and encouraged to come. We have an Extraordinary Picasso class for various ages.  Mommy and Me(age 2-3) Pre-k(age 4) grades k-2, Grades 3-5, and Grades 6+. 

Petite Picasso's Age 4  

Picasso Kidz

This is a drop off class designed for four year old's.  In this class children will continue to explore various art materials including paint, clay, crayons, oil pastels, collage and more.  Creative exploration will continue and be built upon.  New art concepts and skills will be introduced such as shape, texture, line, gluing, cutting and more. While process is still the focus in this class, children will begin to create art using recognizable shapes and patterns 

Primary Picasso's Ages 5-6 

Picasso Kidz

In this class children will begin to be exposed to famous artists and different styles of art.  Focus will be on using art materials appropriately and learning and using the basic elements of art such as line, shape, color, value, texture, form and space.  Children will learn to use basic shape to create images, and will continue to explore their art in a creative way.

Intermediate Picasso's Ages 7-8  

Picasso Kidz

This class is for children age 7-9 and is a drop off class.  In this class children will continue to use and gain mastery of the elements of art such as line, shape, color, value, texture, form and space.  We will also begin to explore the principles of art which are: Pattern, Emphasis, Variety, Unity, Balance, Rhythm and Movement and Proportion.  Famous artist's and their art styles will continue to be explored, and art from around the world will begin to be introduced and studied. Children will begin to talk about their art and the art of other's using appropriate art terms. While creative exploration is always a component is our studio, at this level student's will be creating art in which both the process and product are of important value. 

Jr. Picasso's Ages 9-10  

Picasso Kidz

This class is for children ages 9-10 and is a drop off class.  Children will build on their art skills and knowledge as they continue to learn about the elements and Principles of art.  Children will learn about art history as it relates to different mediums in art.  Painting, sculpture, collage, printmaking and drawing skills will be taught and built upon. 

Master Picasso's Ages 10+  

Picasso Kidz

This class is for children age 10-12 and is a drop off class.  Children in this class will be fluent in the elements and principles of art, and will be able to discuss their art work and the work of others using appropriate art term, styles, and techniques.  Children will continue to study the work of famous artists, and art from around the world.  More advanced art techniques will be introduced and applied to children's art work as they create more sophisticated pieces of art. 

One Day Workshops

Join us for our fun, engaging, and educational workshops.  We have something for every little artist!  Our workshops for ages 4-12 are 1 1/2 hours and are $35. Mommy and Me workshops are 1 hour, for ages 2 and 3 and $25. All Supplies are included in price and smocks are provided though we recommend dressing for a mess! CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS

Birthday's at Picasso Kidz

Picasso Kidz

Make your child’s birthday party truly unique and memorable. We have many packages and options to choose from for ages 2-17. We work with you to create the birthday of your child's dreams, and allow for as much options and input as possible. Ages 2-4 birthdays are one and half hours and include 2 age appropriate art lessons.  Ages 2-12 are 2 hour parties and include 2 age appropriate art lessons one of which is  a painting on canvas. Ages 13-17 are 2 hour parties and include 1 detailed art lesson.

Teen parties

Teen Parties are available for ages 13-17, and include 1 detailed art lesson, 1 Pizza Pie, Iced tea and two hours of fun taught by a NYS Certified Art Teacher.  Teens may choose from an assortment and fun and funky teen appropriate art lessons. Some samples are below:

Create your own sneackers, Day of the dead painting, Splatter paint name painting and more.

Check out our awesome birthday Party Packages here:


Our Teacher's

Hello my name is Michelle Daddino, I am the owner of Picasso Kidz and I am delighted to share my studio, and my love of art with you and your child. I am a NYS certified art teacher k-12, and I taught elementary art for 8 years in the public school system before having my daughter. I live in Huntington NY with my husband and daughter. During my 8 years as a teacher I learned many lessons to reach my students.  I worked endlessly to create lessons that not only taught the children skills and Art history but also engaged them as well.  I had three of my art lessons published in popular art teaching Magazines (Scholastic arts, and Arts and Activities). In addition, I was also featured in the local newspaper twice.  Leaving my teaching position was one of the hardest decisions I ever had to make, but I knew in time I would teach again.  And here I am!!! While I am certified to teach up to 12th grade, my true love is sharing art with youngsters. It warms my heart to hear their giggles and see their smiles as they discover various art mediums and techniques. My teaching philosophy is to provide every student with a well-rounded art education in order to create creative, culturally aware, analytic thinkers.  In my studio, children will be guided through the world of art in various ways.  Children will explore and create art from many different lands and cultures.  Artists will be brought to life through discussion, exploration and creation.  Important art skills will be taught with patience and kindness.  Creativity and risk taking will be encouraged everyday. I am truly passionate about both creating and teaching art.  Art has enriched my life in so many ways and I enjoy sharing that with my students.  Art has taught me about history, as well as many social issues and multiculturalism.  But most importantly, art has taught me the values of patience, determination, and that anything is possible if you can imagine it!


Meet the Director

Michelle Daddino is the owner of Picasso Kidz, a creative art studio for kids ages 4-17. As a New York state-certified art teacher, she taught elementary art for eight years. Michelle worked endlessly to create lessons that not only taught children skills and art history, but engaged them as well. Three of her art lessons are published in popular art teaching magazines (Scholastic Arts, and Arts and Activities). Michelle's teaching philosophy is to provide every student with a well-rounded art education in order to create creative, culturally aware, analytic thinkers.

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