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    Urban Umbrella is a challenging after school program for children 4-12 years old. In providing enrichment through a comprehensive curriculum, the Ecological Covenant 
©, we help the highly motivated student further his/her gifts by working on projects in content areas not generally found in the regular school setting.  Using a heuristic, interdisciplinary, developmental approach in thematic hands-on activities, it places the child at the center of the learning process; the teacher is an enabler connecting research tools with exciting topics that catch the imagination and increase critical thinking skills.

     Envisioning an integration of the human experience with the natural environment, in the center of the inquiry are moral questions where answers are sought through an in depth study of Torah and other religious books, science experiments, math, anthropology, creative writing, fine arts, music, forensics, language, history and area cultural studies. Rituals inherent in every society as they give form and meaning to life are dramatically performed.

    Developing social networks are important in the elementary level.  Learning how these are formulated and flourish is experienced by the students when they create and live in their own village. Rich interdisciplinary materials will be used in all phases of this active discovery process:  from design to its completion.  Students will use the community they have jointly constructed to study the flow of goods and services, the place of scientific invention and research, and the ethical questions that are part of every society as they actively perform their real life in this village.  They will learn positive and negative numbers, measurement in both metric and English, the language of architecture and industrial metals, the importance of good food and water to the whole community, elements of law and ethics, and means of transportation.

Urban Start

Units of Study:

 * The Iroquois:  A Cultural Exploration of the Confederacy

*  Forensics:  A Study of Argumentative Discourse

*  Dramatics: A Study of Classics in Children's Literature 

 *  Language and Culture I, II, III, IV  Hebrew, Italian Conversation, Geography, History

*  Architecture, Interior Design:  Blueprints and Model Building, A Sudy of Sacred and Secular Public Spaces

* Cartography: Study and Design of Maps

*The Young Economist: Problem Solving Through Free Enterprise

*Ant Hills, Spider Webs, and Lobster Tales: A Detailed Study of the Arthropods

*Bookbinders Guild I:  A Study of the Guilds in the Middle Ages

*Bookbinders Guild II: A Comparison of Medieval Guilds to 19th Century Work

*Bookbinders Guild III: 21st Century Literature

 * Farmers to Workers:  Agrarian/Industrial Change, Biltmore Estate 1880-1920, Eastern and Central Europe 1776-1945

*The Railroad Kings of the 1890s:  Robber Barons or Philanthropists?

* Beads, Blocks, and Sextants:  Discovery Math Through  Building and Surveying

* Star Light, Star Bright: An Introduction to Astronomy via Constellation Stories

* Water: An Interdisciplinary Study

* Life in a Shtetl and Village Life in Early America: A Comparision

Urban Start


Tuition:  $60 a day = $300 a week = $1200 a month
Discount:  If pay for  5 months in advance 5% off
If pay for 10 months in advance 10% off 

Scholarships available to those who qualify.

Hours: 3pm – 7pm  Monday-Friday  September - June
Special hours on school holidays and Sundays possible
Once a month Family Dinner with Child  7pm-9pm


Call (917) 525-0511 or email: fredericka1917@gmail.com to set a time for an interview


81 Atlantic Avenue Brooklyn Heights, New York 11201
At the corner of Hicks Street
Easy acces by B61 and B63 buses


Children can be picked up from their school in the Brooklyn Heights, Cobble Hill, Carroll Gardens, Boerum Hill or Downtown Brooklyn


Teachers Fully Certified in New York State 
Gifted and Talented Specialty 

Bi-lingual English and Hebrew (Yiddish possible)
English and Italian

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