Art Classes and Programs for Kids in Manhattan, NYC

Art Classes and Programs for Kids in Manhattan, NYC


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UPDATED October 2017: Does your child have a knack for drawing or painting? Enrolling your child in art lessons can help them develop their talents. Here's a list of art studios in Manhattan that offers art classes for kids in New York City, including studios in TirBeCa, SoHo, Greenwich Village, the Upper East Side, the Upper West Side, and Midtown.
103 Charlton St., New York

Children’s Museum of the Arts offers hands-on art-making programming in a variety of mediums and techniques led by practicing teaching artists. Class offerings include WEE Arts Early Childhood classes for ages 1-5, semester-long after-school classes for ages 5-15, Summer Art Colony Day Camp for ages 6-15 at 103 Charlton St. and on historic Governors Island. All of our art-filled classes encourage your child or teen to express their creativity while building art technique skills. Register today for a unique early childhood, after-school or summer camp experience!

1083 Fifth Ave., Manhattan
212-966-1908 x250

With classes designed for ages 5–17, the National Academy Summer Programs for Young Artists provide a fun, fascinating, inspiring experience in painting, sculpting, drawing, and photography. Children benefit from superb facilities in our historic home, as well as artistic opportunities afforded by Central Park. Students are taught and mentored by professionals who are experienced in working with all ages and skill levels. Foster your child’s creativity and critical thinking skills, while inspiring their spirit of collaboration and discovery.

440 Lafayette St./Astor Place, New York

Soul Arts Academy is a downtown semester-based creative arts school where artists are created from the inside out. The academy currently operates on a fall semester, spring semester, and a full-day summer program. Soul Arts classes balance ballet and modern technique, composition, and improvisation. Athletic and graceful physicality, critical thinking, team-work, individual attention, and mutual respect between teachers and students are what makes Soul Arts so very unique and the outcome so successful. Here, students and their family members are viewed as precious, creativity is cherished.

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