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Blogging From: New York, New York

Michaela Searfoorce is becoming the change for the New York special needs community.  After struggling to find resources in the city for her special needs son James, Michaela took the metaphorical bull by the horns and vowed to make those resources known and available to all who seek it.  Her blog, The Foorce is multi-faceted; Michaela is an advocate for other parents and children touched by special needs by providing them with a thorough and useful database of all resources one needs. She also sheds light on her life and experiences with her son James, noting the good days and bad, through tantrums and pure delights. Life with James is no easy task, but Michaela knows it’s a labor of love she wouldn’t trade for the world.

The Foorce offers parents and family members a place to relate and speak to each other at “The Water Cooler.” Searfoorce’s main objection for this section is to allow people to post anything and everything to the community as if it were a parents lunch date. By giving free reign to the dialogue, Michaela dominates the page with amazing anecdotes about James, but hopes to get the communication more open and widespread from her readers. Michaela also keeps readers completely up-to-date with events concerning special needs children and their families in the New York City area. Events range from a lecture on alternative medicine for special needs (which comes with a free yoga session!) to joining Team Foorce in the spring Central Park 3K and 5K challenges; it is evident Michaela stays involved and wants you to be a part of the community just as much.

As the site expands, the number of resources will grow as well as the participation of the community at “The Water Cooler” and hopefully in person at City-wide events. Michaela Searfoorce is a prime example that you can create something as powerful and useful as The Foorce if no one has paved the way before you. The Foorce, in Michaela’s trustworthy hands will continue to be a sought out hub for special needs parents and families. --Melanie Baker

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