Review: ‘LARD: Life’s a Real Dream’

Review: ‘LARD: Life’s a Real Dream’

Kids will experince serious silliness with LARD Dog and The Band Of Shy.

This weekend my son and I ventured to Greenwich Village to watch ‘LARD,” which is an acronym for Life’s A Real Dream, at the 13th Street Repertory Theater. The show is about a human LARD Dog from the planet Belopio, who travels on his giant pretzel to perform a concert on Earth. Sounds crazy, but it was a ton of fun.

The show is interactive right from the start. When we first arrived my son was able to pick a cardboard cut out of a nose or an eye to wave around during the performace. Then, we were directed towards the snacks, which you can grab in return for a suggested donation.  We took a juice and some crackers and proceeded to our seats.

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When LARD Dog arrives, he and his band, The Band Of Shy, jump into song and never stop. The songs were good and amid the crazy lyrics, were packed with positive messages like, “It’s nice to be important but it’s more important to be nice” and how it’s okay to be shy.

Kids were encouraged to dance and to be loud and silly, which my son really enjoyed. And with balloons, cotton balls, bubble wrap, and pretzels flying through the air, you will never be bored.

We both left smiling and singing the songs, overall, it was a great experience. You can purchase souveniers, including the CD upon leaving.

The show is playing every Saturday at 11am thru Jan. 2nd.

Tickets are $20 if you order them online here in advance (they are $25 at the door). All ages.

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