Ben Spencer

Long Island's Notorious Flyers

(Sep. 21, 2003) - A Cradle of Aviation Museum on Long Island? Few places, Kitty Hawk included, could claim to be quite as much a "cradle" for flight; projecting as it does into the Atlantic, and adjacent to New York City, Long Island is positioned perfectly for transatlantic and transcontinental flights.

Activity Central!

(Sep. 21, 2003) - Ben Hoffman and his partner Jaymes Dec have carved out a niche for themselves by sending adults scurrying around town with their urban version of the classic scavenger hunt. Now, with "City Hunt" going strong (some participants haven't even reported in yet; just kidding) the pair has decided to exercise their party spirits on children in a new endeavor they've christened Kid Adventures.

What’s in a Name?For One NYC Mom, Naming is Her Business

(Jul. 21, 2003) - Photography is the most direct means of memorializing an event, but not always the most personal or meaningful, no matter how skillful the technician. Denise Waxman is a New York City mother of two who decided to honor the ritual of a Bris, or a naming ceremony, by using a brush and computer instead of a camera to create her Baby Brit Naming Certificates.

FTC Calls Turtle to Guard Duty“Dewie the Turtle” Appointed Internet Security Mascot

(Jun. 21, 2003) - The current national byword, as if anyone really needs to be reminded, is security. And with the Internet's ever-expanding role as a common household tool, the need to protect users from hackers — and children from some of the nastier eccentricities of adulthood — continues to stimulate new government initiatives and resources.

A Mom’s Calling (for Song) Comes Through Her Window

(Mar. 21, 2003) - Changing the details of a nursery rhyme may not seem important on the surface, but it does undermine the basic function of the rhyme as a morality tale.Robin Hendrix is a purist when it comes to nursery rhymes.

New Website Unites Kids with Community Hundreds of volunteer opportunities available in Queens

(Mar. 21, 2003) - When you're genuinely interested in doing something, turning up a good resource is just about as exciting as finding money. Young people with a predilection for doing volunteer work now have a resource to go to that's about as hard to locate as their computer. Kids for Community ( is a veritable Sierra Madre for unearthing volunteer opportunities for kids. It's a site where opportunities just keep turning up. And up. And up.

For Kids, Something Familiar About Beryl E. Bean

(Jan. 21, 2003) - Some writing teams have very thorny relationships, but tolerate each other's company out of respect for the product that develops. Ricki Stern and Heidi Worcester are co-authors and cousins, and although they get along fine, they do their writing from different rooms — one in New York City, one in Connecticut.

The moms (and best friends) behind Reading Rainbow

(Oct. 21, 2002) - Nicole Silver and Orly Wiseman have their desks positioned within firing range of each other, but as far as anyone who’s passed through that region can tell, it’s a peaceful border. As the producers of the popular PBS children's series Reading Rainbow and numerous other programs for children, the co-presidents of the New York City-based RCN Entertainment (RCNE) have demonstrated that being friends, moms and former co-workers — and now co-presidents and co-executive producers — doesn’t mean firing invectives and paper clips at each other.

“Protecting our kids and giving them a voice” Guidelines for NYC classrooms

(Sep. 21, 2002) - Like December 7, June 6 and November 22, September 11 won't be allowed to come and go unnoticed anymore. It won't be indicated with bold numbers on commercial calendars, but its identity as something infamous and life changing is nevertheless assured. It's impossible to tell what history has in store for it, but at the moment, with its first anniversary approaching, the idea of understanding it as both history and a viable threat, without being re-traumatized, is something Americans of all ages — especially children — have to face.

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