Caylin Harris

8 Reasons Why You Should Take That Lunch Hour (and Tips for How to Make It Count)

(Oct. 20, 2010) - Lunch is important — it's a perfect chance to pencil in some much needed "me time" or do something healthy for yourself. Quit trying to power through the day. Instead, indulge in a mini-break daily. We've got eight reasons to love your lunch, plus tips on how to make the most out of your midday break.

Just for Moms: How to Start a Book Club

(Sep. 29, 2010) - Moms: Carve out time to sit back and read a whole book, and connect with friends real and fictional. Read on for tips on how to start a "moms only" book club - without the guilt.

The Best Bags for Moms

(Jul. 15, 2010) - To help you navigate your kid-filled summer with ease, organization, and style, we present the best new bags for busy moms.

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