Beth Feldman

Space Odyssey: From Run-of-the-Mill to Out-of-this-World

(Jul. 16, 2008) - Elvira Grau and her husband, Jim, managed to transform a dingy warehouse in Englewood, NJ, into a $3 million, 26,000-square foot entertainment facility...Space Odyssey!

Making a U-Turn on Marriage and Motherhood

(Oct. 31, 2006) - Sometimes, divorce can be the perfect catalyst for reinvention. For Nyack native, Terry Martin Hekker, an unexpected split after 40 years of marriage led her to face her fears, find a new path, and change her philosophy about working motherhood.

Rye Teen Walks for Celiac

(Sep. 23, 2006) - Colin Leslie, a 14-year-old from Rye, is a teenager on a mission — to educate as many people as he can about the harmful effects of celiac disease.

PAVE-ing the Way to Stardom in New Rochelle

(May. 21, 2004) - Shanice is a shy fourth grader who stutters when she gets nervous. But put Shanice in front of an audience and give her a song to belt out, and you’d never know she had any trouble.

Stompin' in Scarsdale

(Dec. 21, 2001) - If you're concerned that your child may be too young to make it through an expensive Broadway show or the annual Radio City Christmas extravaganza, then pay a visit this holiday season to the Bendheim, an intimate, family-friendly theater for adults and children of all ages.

THE HOMESCHOOLING EXPERIENCE Three Westchester Families Share Their Stories

(Dec. 21, 2001) - It is the high standards of education and reputation of our public schools that bring many families to Westchester, and most of our neighbors' children attend school with our own. There are those who opt, for a variety of reasons, to send their children to one of the excellent private schools in the county. But what of the approximately 200 children currently being homeschooled in Westchester? What is it that led their families to choose this interesting alternative to the traditional classroom environment?

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