BJ Greco

Rockland Teens Help Feed Less Fortunate

(Mar. 29, 2013) - Tappan Zee High School students of Rockland County volunteer to help the less fortunate at a soup kitchen in Nyack, NY.

Veterans Visit South Orange Middle School

(Jan. 10, 2012) - In observance of Veteran's Day, schools throughout the nation participated in Take a Veteran to School program where students are linked to veterans who shed light on their experiences in service.

Blauvelt Lions Leos Lend a Hand in Rockland and Manhattan

(Oct. 27, 2011) - From Spring Valley, NY to the streets of Manhattan, a pack of youth volunteers from Tappan Zee High School assembled on a sunny Saturday to help those in need.

Elementary Students in Piermont NY Donate 556,000 Can Tabs to Ronald McDonald House

(Jul. 06, 2011) - Third grade students from Tappan Zee Elementary School in Piermont, NY, collected more than a half million can tabs during the school year and donated them to the Ronald McDonald House of the Greater Hudson Valley.

Rockland's Favorite Teacher

(May. 24, 2011) - A fourth grade teacher from Cottage Lane Elementary School in Blauvelt, NY, is the local recipient of Barnes & Noble's "My Favorite Teacher" award.

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