Maria Maiurro

Imaginary Friends: Should I Be Worried?

(Nov. 26, 2012) - Your child and her imaginary friend are inseparable, but, most likely, you shouldn't worry about the invisible companion. Imaginary play is important for children's development, and those who had imaginary friends are shown to have more creative problem-solving skills.

Achieve Dinner Party Success

(Feb. 17, 2012) - Planning a dinner party may be challenging and even more so when babysitters cancel, quickly turning the adults-only get together into one that now includes kids on the guest list. Here are simple solutions to keeping the kids entertained that will help you host a successful dinner party--even with kids on the guest list.

How to Make Summer School a Success

How to Make Summer School a Success

(Jun. 17, 2011) - Summer school can boost your child's grades and create confidence going into the next school year. Here are tips on how to cure the summer school blues and help make it a success instead.

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