Louise Hajjar Diamond

Connecting with Your Preteen Helps Them Be Responsible Adults

(Jul. 20, 2012) - As a middle school guidance counselor, Louise Hajjar Diamond knows from experience that preteens want to spend time with their parents. They value your opinions and judgement. Staying connected and having an open and positive communication with your preteen helps them build self-confidence and a healthy self-esteem.

How to Safely Integrate Your Dog into a Growing Family

(May. 23, 2012) - You have a dog, but now a baby is on the way. What should you do? Follow this advice to prepare your pet for the arrival of a newborn and train your canine to be safe around all kids.

Twins: The School Years

(Jan. 27, 2012) - Same classrooms, or separate? What if one sibling is not doing as well academically as the other? We spoke to experts, including parents and multiples themselves, for some guidance.

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