Diane Darrow

Great Educational Apps for Applying

(Apr. 27, 2012) - There are so many great apps for kids using iPhones and iPads, but how can you separate the good stuff from the junk? Our expert offers her recommendations on apps for applying learned knowledge and concepts.

Top Teacher-Approved Apps to Assess Understanding

(Mar. 19, 2012) - Did you know apps--fun ones that really help kids learn--can be more revealing than standardized tests in assessing your child’s ability to understand? Our expert helps you bring teacher-approved apps out of the classroom and into your home.

App-Mazing Remembering Tools

(Feb. 06, 2012) - The iTunes store is flooded with "educational" apps—but how the heck can you really know which ones are worth your child’s time? Here, our expert selects 8 winners that can help your child with the skill of remembering.

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