Lisa Suriano

Veggie-Rich Recipe: Celery, Apple, and Grape Salad

(Apr. 23, 2012) - This healthy and colorful salad is easy to make and a great way for kids to get several servings of fruits and veggies.

Covert Operation: Should You Hide Your Kids' Veggies?

(Apr. 23, 2012) - Most kids don't get the recommended daily serving of vegetables, causing some parents to resort to hiding them in other foods. A local expert offers a better way.

Shamrock Smoothie Recipe

(Mar. 14, 2012) - This smoothie gets its green hue from a healthy dose of kale, but kids will love the sweet zing provided by the addition of vanilla yogurt and banana. It's a fun and tasty treat that's easy enough for kids to make themselves. Plus, it packs a punch of vitamin C, calcium, and other nutrients that are good for growing bodies. It's leprechaun-green color and the fact that kale is a form of cabbage also make it the perfect kid-friendly drink for St. Patrick's Day or other Irish celebrations.

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