Gina Roberts-Grey, L.C.S.W.

Surviving the stress-filled holidays:Tips to reduce your chaos

(Jan. 24, 2006) - If you're hoping for the gift of more time with your family during the holidays, take heart. Consulting this list and checking it twice is sure to help you keep your holiday stress to a minimum and help you have time to enjoy the season with your children and family.

TEEN SLAM BOOKS:What do the pages say about your child?

(Apr. 21, 2005) - If pages filled with searing accusations, hurtful gossip and plots to ruin reputations sound like the current script for a daytime drama, spend some time reading the pages of a teen ‘slam’ book and you’ll receive an eye-opening education. When she learned of such a notebook bearing cutting comments about her daughter and a few of her friends, Tisha J. of Yonkers was horrified. “I couldn’t believe the language and animosity. It made me sad to think that such young people were so bitter,” says Tisha.

Five Lessons that Five Dollars can teach your child

(Feb. 21, 2005) - Whether you’re saving for a family vacation, college tuition, or a new car, pinching pennies can be challenging. But as tricky as saving money is for adults, the concept is far harder for children to grasp.

Thankful Tots:Creative ways to teach children to be thankful

(Oct. 21, 2004) - Taking the approach that thankfulness begins at home is the first step to instilling a thoughtful and thankful attitude in your kids. If they sense that demonstrating thanks is a priority at home, they'll be more likely to model that behavior at school, with friends, or to kind strangers. Start early with these suggestions…

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