Gwen Baker

Baseball’s League of Nations: A Salute to Native American Baseball Players

(Jun. 18, 2009) - The new exhibition at the Stamford Museum & Nature Center, presents images and biographical sketches of many Native American baseball players,

Day Trips - Norwalk in Fairfield County

(May. 22, 2009) - Today, Norwalk plays host to the history buffs, nature-lovers, and kids of all ages who love to explore, experience, and enjoy. Norwalk also boasts a hip and exciting downtown with unique and chic shops, and gourmet as well as kid-friendly, top-rated restaurants where world-renowned chefs work their culinary magic.

Just So You Know...a Westport-based Nonprofit for Cancer Patients

(May. 20, 2009) - Westport mom Robin Weinberg is the founder of Just So You Know, Inc., a Westport-based nonprofit that helps cancer patients connect with loved ones through videotaped interviews.

'All Things Kids': A New Family Resource Guide for Fairfield County

(May. 15, 2009) - Kate Thornton is a Darien mother of two who is the author of a new family resource guide, "All Things Kids."

Out of Africa and into Norwalk: The Maritime Aquarium

(May. 13, 2009) - dare anyone to see African Penguins, the new exhibit at the Maritime Aquarium, and not want to take one of these adorable birds home!

Earthplace’s Vacation Days for Kids in Wesport

(Apr. 14, 2009) - Insectivores, carnivores, omnivores, decomposers — learn all about animals and what they eat, during Earthplace’s Vacation Days.

Find Those Eggs! Easter Egg Hunts in Fairfield County

(Apr. 08, 2009) - It wouldn’t be Easter without dyed eggs and treasure hunts. There are Easter egg hunts scheduled in Fairfield county. Check them out and enjoy the fun!

Dancing & Art in Fairfield County this March

(Mar. 19, 2009) - Celebrating Black History Month & Woman's History Month, and drumming to a different beat....

What Adopted Kids Wish...a Workshop in Ridgefield

(Mar. 18, 2009) - Sherrie Eldridge, author of "Twenty Things Adoptive Kids Wish Their Adoptive Parents Knew," presents an interactive workshop...

Author Jane Green is Happy at Home

(Oct. 30, 2008) - A bestselling "chick lit" author writes her life.

Raising Twins

(Oct. 16, 2008) - Christina Boyle and Cathleen Stahl offer their advice and anecdotes as moms of multiples to help other parents manage.

Joining A Sports League:Five questions every parent should ask

(Apr. 21, 2004) - A growing number of parents are doing their homework these days when it comes to choosing sports programs for their children – and with good reason. The word is out that making the wrong choice can be the difference between a memorable, fun-filled season for a child and one that deflates their confidence and smothers their self-esteem. So, before you plunk down cash for that colorful uniform and put your summer vacation plans on hold for those can’t-be-missed playoff games, experts warn that it has become increasingly important that parents take the time to inspect the program as carefully as they would a daycare center before signing their child up to play.

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