Hillary Needleman

Creative writing cappuccino? Speaking the Language of Hope

(Dec. 21, 2000) - In our modern world, creativity is often sacrificed in favor of efficiency, and in inner city public schools where overcrowding and underfunding have become an epidemic, arts programs are often cut from the curriculum. Creativity is placed second to test scores – even though it is precisely in the inner city where hope is most needed. And often, it is creativity and imagination that inspire hope.

A foot full of vital info

(Nov. 21, 2000) - Sari remembered her mother fitting her with a safety pin to which her address, phone number, and other important information was attached. But realizing this method is unsafe today, Sari began thinking of alternatives.


(Apr. 21, 2000) - We've all been through year after year of our growing children's birthday parties. Below, some New York City moms share some insights about what works, and some warnings about what doesn't!

Computers 2000: Getting families wired!

(Apr. 21, 2000) - But for one New York City mom, website design (yes, anyone can do it) is the basis for the business she runs, focused on families.

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