Jennifer Solomon

Safe Exercises Before and After Pregnancy

(Sep. 17, 2008) - It is so important for women to engage in regular exercises during and after the birthing process.

Check out your Child's Classroom

(Sep. 21, 2002) - A classroom is a classroom is a classroom, right? Maybe not. A recent survey polling over 1,000 public school teachers reveals that a well-designed classroom can enhance students’ ability to learn. "It's important to ensure children's classes are designed to stimulate them in a positive way," says Gay Elliot, an interior design coordinator for Fanning Howey Associates, Inc., the nation's largest school design firm. Check out the features your child's classroom should sport:

A learning problem - Or Is He Color Blind?

(Nov. 21, 2000) - For these kids, red, orange, yellow and green are simply different names for the same color. Approximately 10 percent of boys are colorblind (seven percent of Caucasians). While only half of one percent of girls lacks full color vision.

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