Kathy Morgenstern

Finding your Inner Diva

(Oct. 05, 2006) - Lyss Stern has never met a stranger. The Upper East Side mom with the outsized personality makes friends everywhere. Now she has turned this talent into Divalysscious Moms.

Thinking About Spring Break?

(Sep. 20, 2006) - Not every spring break has to be a source of terror about what your child might get up to. There are alternatives that can enlighten your child’s mind and change it for the better.

Words & Thoughts for Healing

(Sep. 13, 2006) - Facing the issue of death as a parent can be a daunting task. Not only are you dealing with your own emotions, you also have to try to figure out how to explain the issue to your child without skipping a beat. New York-based author Ellen Sabin has come up with a way to help make the process a little easier.

Kids Teach Kids — via DVD

(Mar. 10, 2006) - Local moms Nicole Sachs and Marcy Sinel, former Manhattanites who now live in Pound Ridge and Bedford, had a longstanding dream of going into business together, but they couldn’t decide what type of venture to start.

Ooh, aah … Ommmmmmm!The yoga craze moves into motherhood

(Jan. 21, 2003) - A couple of months ago, I had heard two fabulous but scary words: “You’re pregnant!” Fearing the weight issue, my doctor had handed me a brochure on prenatal yoga that brought a lot of questions to my mind: How would yoga help me stay fit?

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