Kim Ita

Rolling on the River

(Oct. 17, 2008) - The New York Water Fest offers a variety of rafting and kayaking on-the-water activities.

Possible ban of Dursban: Does your exterminator use it?

(Apr. 21, 2000) - The next time you schedule a visit from the exterminator make sure you are not putting yourself and your family at risk. Earlier this year scientists at the Environmental Protection Agency concluded that Dursban, the most widely used pesticide in the country, is considered unsafe for all home uses. The pesticide, which works by attacking the nervous system of insects, also poses risks for humans.

Private school admissions: The parental frenzy continues

(Apr. 21, 2000) - The independent school admissions process for kindergarten and first grade came to an end in early March. The consensus is that it was one of the most competitive years ever.

BABY FINGERS: The benefits of teaching signing to babies

(Jan. 21, 1995) - At only six-and-a-half months, Zeke Heller was able to sign "I love you" to his parents. Now, just under one year, Zeke has a vocabulary of approximately 15 signs. He recently strung together a two-word request for "more music" when his mobile stopped playing, something not normally expressed verbally until 18 months.

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