Kristen J. Gough

BRAIN DRAIN! Are Westchester Schools Leaving Behind Their Brightest Students?

(Sep. 21, 2004) - In 2001, the federal government passed sweeping legislation that changed the face of education. The No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) targeted under-performing schools and mandated that they bring students up to a standardized level in the areas of math and reading — or the schools would lose funding. At the heart of the law was the idea that many children’s educational needs are not being met.

Tantrum Tamers - tried and true

(Sep. 21, 2004) - Like many parents, the Newmans had to deal with their share of tantrums when their son was young. Yet with a little know-how — and a lot of patience — parents can make their children’s tantrums less intense and even less frequent.

The Bridge That Brings Families Together

(May. 21, 2004) - Alexei acts like any other fourth grader. He listens to Jessica Simpson and shoots hoops with his brother after school. In the school orchestra he plays the violin, and he will be one of the townspeople in the school production of "The Music Man”. Ask him any baseball trivia question, he’ll give you the answer. His mother, Terry Naumann of Yorktown Heights, unabashedly describes Alexei as "slender and handsome" with a "wry sense of humor”. Yet a little over three years ago, the boy behind the hazel eyes with long, thick lashes didn’t know a word of English and was headed toward a dismal life as an orphan in Siberia.

Blackbirds, Bluebirds and Butterflies!Nearby nature centers offer full roster of family programs, beginning this month

(Apr. 21, 2004) - After a long winter stuck indoors, April is the perfect time to get out and explore. Westchester’s nature centers offer unique programs to help you spot animal tracks, identify birds, even plant a garden. Their trails are open daily, dawn to dusk. This list highlights just a few of the programs going on.

The Tooth Fairy Reports to Westchester County Legislature

(Dec. 21, 2003) - Margo Schepart was in her backyard when she heard the sirens go off. At the time, Schepart lived just five miles from the Indian Point nuclear power plant. The sirens were triggered accidentally, but the experience made her understand the dangers of having a radioactive neighbor, and she soon became involved in the Tooth Fairy Project.


(Sep. 21, 2003) - Emergency protocols are in place, but officials see need to refine them.

Where to: Fish & Boat in Westchester

Where to: Fish & Boat in Westchester

(Jul. 21, 2003) - Westchester offers everything you need for a day of family fishing. Within the county, you’ll find small streams and ponds fit for young anglers, and larger lakes, reservoirs, and coastal fishing for more serious fishers-in-training. While this list doesn’t include every fishing area, it will help you to know where to start.

GET A JOB! Teen Summer Employment

(May. 21, 2003) - According to the Westchester County Youth Bureau, come summertime, some 30,000 teens and young adults (between the ages of 16 and 21) will be looking for employment. These teens will face a much tougher job market than in years past: employers have more applicants to choose from and may be less likely to hire those with no previous job experience or references.

‘Annie’ Comes to Tarrytown

(Aug. 21, 2002) -

'Annie' Comes to Tarrytown

(Aug. 21, 2002) - Children love to see the tenacious, spirited Annie belt out, "The sun’ll come out tomorrow." This year, Random Farms Kids Theater (RFKT) will delight audiences with their production of Annie at the Tarrytown Music Hall, August 2-5.

A Day at John Jay

(Apr. 21, 2002) - The John Jay Homestead lies at the end of a long, rolling hill in Katonah, and is at the heart of New York's history.


(Apr. 21, 2002) - There's nothing like checking into a nice hotel with your family and knowing that someone else will be making the beds in the morning. And come to think of it, there are times when checking into a hotel without the kids is pretty tempting, too. All of the hotels below are within a two-hour drive from Westchester.

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