Louise Betts Egan

RE-THINKING TEAM SPORTS: Keeping Teens in the Game with a New Approach

(Mar. 21, 2003) - A mother in a Larchmont sports store that caters to local young athletes’ popular team sports needed new equipment for her three children, ages 7 to 10, and suddenly felt overwhelmed. “When does all this stop?” she asked the manager, expecting his sympathy. To her surprise, he replied: “Age 12.”

PATCHMAKER, PATCHMAKERCustom Quilter Tailors Work to Customers' Lives

(Jan. 21, 2003) - "The quilt is guaranteed to make them cry," says quilter Elizabeth Sovern, of Mt. Kisco. She was speaking of anyone who receives one of her quilted blankets as a gift from a friend or family member. Sovern makes blankets so finely tuned to the life and loves of their recipients that they are often received with tears — of joy and emotion.

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