Melissa B. Stoller

Family Art Patrol!

(Jan. 21, 2004) - New York families now have a number of unique options when it comes to exploring the city's myriad museums and galleries. Several new art enrichment programs have been successfully launched in recent years, lending families an opportunity to experience art from different perspectives and have fun in the process.

Starting a Parent-Child Book Club

(Jul. 21, 2003) - Three years ago, a friend and I started a parent-child book club. We participate in an adult book club, and wanted to create a similar, meaningful experience with our children. Through the years, our children continue to be thoughtful readers who delight in bonding over books. This summer may be the perfect time for you and your child to get started!

Head to the Hamptons!

(Jul. 21, 2003) - You don’t need to rent or own a house in the Hamptons to enjoy summer fun with your family. We stayed at three resorts, and enjoyed wonderful amenities, excellent beaches, great dining, and family activities.

Cleaning Up NYC, Family-Style

(Jun. 21, 2003) - Now that the weather is finally warm, you and your family can enjoy more time together outdoors. Consider improving the environment as you plan your outdoor activities. Three local organizations provide volunteer opportunities, summer festivals, and ideas about how your family can make a difference.

In Search of Eloise

(Mar. 21, 2003) - “I am six…I am Eloise…I am a city child…I live at the Plaza” declares Kay Thompson’s Eloise. My daughters identify with Eloise’s imagination, independence, and occasional naughtiness. After years of visualizing Eloise scampering through the Plaza, we recently spent an afternoon there searching for her. This is what we found:

Coney Island - Fun for the Whole Family

(Aug. 21, 2001) - The slogan at Deno's Wonder Wheel Park in Coney Island is: "It's a place for fun and family." The slogan aptly speaks to a day at Coney Island - plenty to see and explore. The aquarium, amusement parks, hot dogs, and of course, the beach are current reminders of why this seaside resort still remains a destination for families looking for some old-fashioned fun.

Long Island Adventures!

(Aug. 21, 2000) - I've spent several summers in the paradise known as the Hamptons. Like many, I love the sophistication of the shops and restaurants and the expanse of sea and sand

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