Sara Rivka Davidson

How Severe are Childhood Concussions?

(Sep. 21, 2003) - Many children have accidents falling, tripping, or getting hit in the head during various activities. But how do you know when your child’s bump in the head is actually a concussion?

Changing the Faces (and Bellies) of Beauty

(Sep. 21, 2003) - Pregnancy: you may think about the discomfort, the weight gain, the swollen ankles, and the painful birthing process. And probably, frumpy maternity clothes that cover bellies and bottoms, providing comfort rather than style. But one New York City mom is helping to change the media face of the pregnant woman — to one that is confident, sexy, beautiful, and belly-showing!

High Blood Pressure Linked with Fetal Development

(Sep. 21, 2003) - A recent study published in the New England Journal of Medicine show that high blood pressure in adulthood may stem from fetal development. Based on these findings, researchers also suggest that proper nutrition during pregnancy can cut the risk for high blood pressure years later.

Exposure to Other Children Linked to Asthma

(Mar. 21, 2003) - Children who attend day care or have many siblings may have a lower risk of developing seasonal allergies, but an increased risk of developing asthma, according to the findings of a recent European research study.

Minor Skin Injury or Abuse?

(Mar. 21, 2003) - Intentional injury of the skin in children (including bruises but beyond temporary redness) should alert pediatricians to child abuse, according to a recent report released by the Committee on Child Abuse and Neglect of the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Reach for the Moon

(Mar. 21, 2003) - In a small cozy theater in Chelsea that holds about 125 people, the TADA! Theater Company puts on crowd pleasing family shows starring children 8-18 years old.

Nicotine and SIDS

(Mar. 21, 2003) - Researchers at a hospital in Queensland, Australia, recently found that babies exposed to cigarette smoke have weaker arousal responses and a higher risk of dying from SIDS.

Two Steps Forward for Preemie Blindness

(Mar. 21, 2003) - Doctors are exploring two promising new ways to save premature babies’ eyesight: giving babies an important hormone in eye growth, and maintaining lower but consistent oxygen levels.

A Literacy Program Where Everybody Wins

(Mar. 21, 2003) - In today’s hectic world, many children are left behind without proper role models, or the educational support they need. But one program, Everybody Wins! is working in schools across the tri-state area to bring together children, teenagers, and working adults for the sake of opening up a good book.

Are Boys Born Later Than Girls?

(Mar. 21, 2003) - A new report suggests that male babies are more likely to be born from a prolonged pregnancy than females. Based on the most recent data, a pregnancy is deemed prolonged if it lasts 41 weeks or longer.

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