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Has Motherhood Fried Your Brain?

(Jul. 21, 2005) - Fried brain no longer has to be the plat du jour for modern moms, according to the empowering new book by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, Katherine Ellison. In The Mommy Brain: How Motherhood Makes us Smarter, Ellison tosses out the traditional notion that parents are more susceptible to brain drain than brain gain.


(Oct. 21, 2004) - For decades, their silvery spires defined the classic landscape of Queens. And now they’re back — and better than ever! The towering Titan and Atlas rockets located at the New York Hall of Science (NYHS) in Flushing Meadows Park have been restored to their former glory following an ambitious four-year renovation project that includes an interactive rocket park.

Hello, Muddah!

(Aug. 21, 2004) - Veteran comedian Jill Shely is used to working tough crowds, but today’s audience presents an unusual challenge. As she introduces the ComedySportz team for the premiere performance of “Mom’s Cracking Up!” at the Sol Goldman 14th Street YM-YWHA , she is greeted with a strident buzz of noise and activity. Infants toddle on the padded blue mat stretched in front of the stage.

Summer Camp Worries(Yours, not Theirs!)

(Feb. 21, 2004) - Going to sleepaway camp for the first time can cause a serious case of the jitters — for both kids and parents. “It’s important for parents to realize these feelings are completely normal,” says Christopher Thurber, Ph.D., clinical psychologist and co-author of The Camp Handbook. “Separation anxiety is a normal reflection of a strong attachment.” If you’re suffering from a bad bout of the what-ifs, there’s good news — with proper information and planning, parents can overcome their stress.

Teeth grinding, pencil chewing: Could it be TMJ?

(Dec. 21, 2003) - Teeth grinding, pencil chewing, lip biting. Sound like your child? It also sounds like TMJ — or it may not. a Child's Level

(Dec. 21, 2003) - The captivated group of young art connoisseurs studies the massive Jackson Pollock painting intently. Though seemingly a random splattering of earth tones, they examine the artist’s technique to discover that intentional layers and lines form distinct patterns in the abstract creation. The group of savvy pre-schoolers continues on their tour — they compare the Pollock to a bold, geometric comic-strip canvas by Roy Lichtenstein. For many of these children, this outing to the Queens location of the Museum of Modern Art’s (MoMA) “Tours for Fours” program is their first trip to an art museum.

Lighting Up the Night!

(Dec. 21, 2003) - Get ready for a visual feast! From this month, through December, there will be a bursting kaleidoscope of light pulsating on the East River — artist Leo Villareal’s attempt to challenge New Yorkers with his vivid installation, Star, the premiere exhibit for this season’s Winter Light at Socrates Sculpture Park.

The “Talkie” of the Town

(Jun. 21, 2003) - Testing…one…two…three. Kids can experiment with the magic of the greatest symphony in their lives — their own voices — at The Museum of Sound Recording at RKO Keith’s (MOSR) in Richmond Hill. The Museum launches its historic collection of sound technology with a grand opening on June 7.

A Taste of Victorian Times, in Flushing

(Jun. 21, 2003) - Nestled between gardens brimming with native plants, the pink Victorian house stands out like a peacock among pigeons in its urban neighborhood. Located in downtown Flushing, The Voelker-Orth Museum, Bird Sanctuary & Victorian Garden joins the impressive number of historic landmarks in the borough of Queens.

Vision, Hearing, OrthodonticsIs Your Child Ready for a First Check-up?

(Apr. 21, 2003) - It’s important to know when your child is ready for treatment. Is a child ever too young? Here are some recommendations from the experts:

Skill, Discipline, Appreciation — THE ARTSIs Your Child Ready for Lessons?

(Mar. 21, 2003) - But how do you know when your child is ready to fully benefit from a structured class or lesson?

A new neighborhood for SculptureCenter — in Queens

(Jan. 21, 2003) - Natural history merges with abstract art to launch SculptureCenter, the latest addition to Long Island City’s growing art community. SculptureCenter, which recently made the exodus from Manhattan to Queens, houses a museum, a library and an artists’ residency center. It hopes to become a haven for up-and-coming artists, providing the resources necessary to develop their talent.

New Guidelines Issued for Treatment of Children’s Ear InfectionsAntibiotic Resistance Forces Change in Old Drug Regimen

(Dec. 21, 2002) - The throbbing pain, the crying, the sleepless nights — the symptoms of ear infection affect 60 to 70 percent of all children by their first birthdays. Eight out of 10 will have repeat episodes before age 3, and 95 percent of all kids will have at least one ear infection before age 6. Ear infections are the leading cause of pediatric visits, resulting in an estimated 5 million missed school days each year.

Symbols of spirit and spectacle

(Nov. 21, 2002) - A swirling stilt walker, costumed from head to toe, soars in acrobatic wonder. A masquerader contorts in a burst of kaleidoscopic colors as he dances to the pulsating beat of the drums. Members of the community are brought into the circle to join a timeless ritual; and generations learn the roots of their history and culture from a unique art form. These are the video images that greet you as you enter “Facing the Mask”, the new exhibit at the Museum for African Art.

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