Sharon Miller Cindrich

The New Face of Divorce: A kindler, gentler approach (if possible)

(Nov. 21, 2004) - Every other Friday evening, Sherrie*, a New York City mom, leaves work with a small suitcase. Inside are her clothes and toiletries for a weekend away. But her destination is not a country inn or a beach house, but rather the apartment in the city she used to share with her husband, Mike*, and their two children.

Taking the Sting out of Summer Fun -Make it a season for 'wow' instead of 'ow'

(Jun. 21, 2004) - Even a small injury can become a serious one if left untreated. Brush up on simple first aid for the proper treatment of these common injuries:

‘Tis The Season To Be Gloomy? SAD sufferers can find a happy ending

(Oct. 21, 2003) - Let’s face it… the winter months are cold, dreary and often down right depressing. But how depressing does it get? For those suffering from seasonal affective disorder, also known as SAD, the winter months can be devastating.

Get Organized Now!For the new school year

(Aug. 21, 2003) - It’s true that the words ‘kid’s room’ and ‘organized’ rarely appear in the same sentence. So how can you help organize your child’s room and study areas to best fit the new year’s challenges? From junior kindergarten to junior high, there are some universal tips for upgrading children’s rooms to keep them organized and help them focus throughout the year:

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