Laurie A Dean

PAVE-ing the Way for Future Artists

(Apr. 04, 2007) - In today’s climate of ever-shrinking funding for the arts, one need only turn to a city in southern Westchester to understand the power of vision and commitment.

Smart from the Arts

(Dec. 07, 2006) - Westchester schools respond to research on achievement.

Play it Again....Daddy!

(May. 02, 2006) - Look up the definition of ‘lullaby’ and you will see it refers to a song that lulls a child to sleep. However, if you ask Mamaroneck resident and acclaimed guitarist, Alan Goodman, his definition would be much more comprehensive.

Technology: Westchester Moms, Staying Connected

(Mar. 09, 2006) - In this age of email, instant messaging, chat rooms and blogs, it’s easy to imagine that human connections are all about typing on a keyboard. Not so for a number of moms in Westchester who are using technology to connect with other moms through a website called

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