Pramod Narula, M.D.,

Depression or Just the Blues?

(Nov. 06, 2006) - My 10-year-old seems very sad much of the time. How can I tell if she is really depressed or just feeling low?

Spring Vacation: Easy Tips for Swimming and Sun Safety

(Mar. 31, 2006) - For my child’s spring break, we are escaping the chilly weather and are heading to a warmer climate. The complex we are staying at has both a beach and a pool. What are some safety tips for sunning and swimming to ensure a safe, fun time for everyone?

Family Health: Stand Up for Posture and Spinal Health!

(Mar. 09, 2006) - I try to teach my teenager to have good posture, but it doesn’t always work. Why is good posture so important? Are there any health risks associated with bad posture?

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