Blaire Briody

A Time to Stutter

(Oct. 08, 2007) - Kids who stutter aren't usually the first ones you think of as actors. 'Our Time' theater company is an organized, successful program allowing performing art as a healing mechanism for children and teens who stutter.

“Perfect Stranger”: The Truth About Mothers and Nannies

(Aug. 15, 2007) - Lucy Kaylin, executive editor of Marie Claire, and author of For the Love of God: The Faith and Future of the American Nun, has just published a new book, The Perfect Stranger: The Truth About Mothers and Nannies (Bloomsbury USA).

Mary Higgins Clark turns kid storyteller

(May. 23, 2007) - The much-loved author gives us the exclusive on 'Ghost Ship', the story of a young boy in Cape Cod who meets a mystical visitor from the past — a cabin boy from a ship that sailed almost 250 years ago.

Re-Living Prom!

(May. 04, 2007) - Some well-known New Yorkers tell us why, for better or worse, prom was a night to remember.

Is Your Tot Ready for Prime Time?

(Apr. 18, 2007) - Could your baby’s gurgling signal the beginning of a great acting career? Would your toddler like to crawl down the catwalk?

Singing for Somers

(Mar. 12, 2007) - Somers has a star in the making. Meet Kristi Nicole, 15.

Camp, to ease the suffering

(Mar. 08, 2007) - Camp Sunshine, located along the shores of Sebago Lake, Maine, is a free camp for children with life-threatening diseases and includes every member of the immediate family.

More Vegetables, Please!

(Feb. 07, 2007) - Prepping kids to eat right.

Keeping Kids Active, Indoors and Out

(Jan. 11, 2007) - When cold winds blow ...

Tiffany Tells All

(Jan. 08, 2007) - Thirteen-year-old Tiffany Giardina, from Waccabuc, Westchester, just signed with 785 Records.

Friends in Sync – and On Ice

(Jan. 04, 2007) - Seven-year-old identical twins Ira and Sonia Pilling, from Bayside, Queens, link arms as they each slide one blade across the slippery ice, and then the other, in perfect synchronicity.

Designing A Life Online

(Jan. 04, 2007) - If you think that Internet blogging is just for the younger generation, take a look at “designmom” — a blog begun by Tuckahoe mom of five, Gabrielle Blair.

Little Dancers at The Little Gym

(Dec. 07, 2006) - The Little Gym of Scarsdale and Mt. Kisco has a new program which teaches kids how to move and groove with ballet and tap techniques.

Young Talent on View

(Nov. 29, 2006) - Ten-year-old Alice Burla of Hastings-on-Hudson sits straight and confident on the piano bench, wearing a beautiful green dress and sparkly barrettes in her hair, as the cameras rotate around her.

27 years on, Kids Are Still Westco’s Best Act

(Nov. 17, 2006) - Susan Katz would agree that she has seen some changes since she began her family theater company, Westco Productions, 27 years ago.

Tyler, on his own

(Nov. 16, 2006) - Westchester’s own Tyler James Williams, 14, star of ‘Everybody Hates Chris’, is in a new movie, ‘Unaccompanied Minors’.

Topp This!

(Nov. 03, 2006) - Topps Bakery is new and improved — kid style.

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