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(Jun. 22, 2006) -

The Books We Loved

(Jan. 24, 2006) - We asked local authors, and our own editors, to name a book they couldn’t put down as a child, and why:

AFTER THE HURRICANE Answering kids’ questions, dealing with the grief

(Oct. 21, 2005) - Once again, we’re being bombarded by the graphic images of devastation. For parents, it becomes a difficult challenge: how to offer emotional support to our children in the wake of a tragedy. In the new book, On Grief and Grieving, Finding the Meaning of Grief through the Five Stages of Loss (Simon & Schuster, $25), by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross and David Kessler, has a chapter of helping children deal with loss. Kessler, the co-author with the late Kubler-Ross of Life Lessons, offers these timely tips for parents:


(May. 21, 2005) - Clothing and Toys

The Poisons That Lurk In Our Homes:How to keep children safe

(Feb. 21, 2005) - Poisonings are the second leading cause of unintentional home-injury death and account for nearly one-third of all unintentional home injuries. “Every American home has potentially toxic products, including medications, pesticides and automotive fluids,” says Home Safety Council president, Meri-K Appy. “While families with young children need to take extra precautions, poison hazards are a risk for every family member. Safe handling and storage of potentially dangerous products should be a standard practice at home.”

A bill needs your support!How parents can help prevent choking

(Sep. 21, 2004) - Choking on food items is a major cause of death among youngsters. How can you help make a difference? ELIZABETH MILLER reports on a bill currently before Congress, which needs your help!

Going Public Tired of hearing about failing schools? Public school expert and education advocate CLARA HEMPHILL reports on several which are succeeding nicely...

(Sep. 21, 2004) - Bad press about public education notwithstanding, the cognoscenti know there are many neighborhoods in which the local schools range from perfectly adequate to truly superior.

...with JOSH SELIG

(Sep. 21, 2004) - As a pre-schooler, Josh Selig, 40, was a child-actor on Sesame Street during the show's first two seasons.


(Aug. 21, 2004) - Last month, we focused on nannies. This month, we conclude our series.

Toxic playgrounds?

(Aug. 21, 2004) - Despite an agreement with the Environmental Protection Agency to phase out the use of pressure-treated lumber in playground equipment, the pesticide-treated wood continues to be sold. Unwitting consumers could use this wood for decks or backyard planters, where the pesticide can leach into the soil or get on children¡?s hands. Composite wood, cedar and redwood, while more expensive, are non-toxic alternatives. JENNIFER LACEY explains why.

Talking Shop…with TONYA PINKINS

(Aug. 21, 2004) - Tonya Pinkins has made one of the most complicated journeys of any Broadway star — from welfare mother to a Tony-nominated role in Caroline, or Change. The mother of four children, ages 17, 14, 8 and 5, Pinkins plays an African-American maid to a Louisiana Jewish family in the Tony Kushner musical.

...with JAYNE RIVAS, M.D.

(Jul. 21, 2004) - DR. JAYNE RIVAS is chairperson of the department of pediatrics at Saint Vincent Catholic Medical Centers/St. Vincent’s Hospital in Manhattan. One of six children, she grew up on Staten Island. At 14, she started working at St. Vincent’s as a ‘Vincenteen’, a fully trained nurses’ aide, and continued that work part-time throughout high school and into college, intending to become an R.N. But she switched majors to chemistry and applied to medical school instead.

Avoiding the pain of ‘swimmer’s ear’

(Jun. 21, 2004) - As children seek refuge from the summer heat in pools and lakes, parents should be alert for the symptoms of painful swimmer's ear.

Sun Protection Vitals

(Jun. 21, 2004) - Here’s some vital info from the folks at Coolibar …

Keeping Babe in the ShadeMore great sun safety products for families

(Jun. 21, 2004) - Water babies We tote our babies on land, why not in water, too? The WaterToT neoprene infant carrier allows parents to comfortably and securely attach babies — from 8 to 30 pounds — close to their bodies during water recreation or even when showering! $59.99; for more info:

CELEBRATING SEUSS…Thoughts on inspiration . . . from local kids’ authors

(May. 21, 2004) - If you looked through the bookshelves of any child in America, chances are there would be at least several Dr. Seuss books. Amazingly, if you looked through that child’s parents’ childhood book collection, you would probably see many of the same Dr. Seuss titles. Theodor Geisel, born 100 years ago, wrote and illustrated 44 books as Dr. Seuss — books that still charm, educate and tickle the funnybones of children. Dr. Seuss’s books have also influenced a generation of children’s book authors. We asked some locally to expound on Dr. Seuss’s impact on their writing. . .

Talking Shop… with KATE WHITE

(May. 21, 2004) - Kate White is Editor-in-Chief of Cosmopolitan, the largest-selling, most successful young women's magazine in the world. She began her career as an editorial assistant at Glamour, after winning their "Top Ten College Women" contest and appearing on the cover.

Talking Shop…with Eva Moskowitz

(Apr. 21, 2004) - As a former public school teacher and American history professor — with time spent on the faculties of Vanderbilt, University of Virginia and CUNY, City Councilmember Eva Moskowitz (D-Manhattan, District 4) knows a little something more about the importance of fostering a better school system for New York’s public school children. In fact, as the City Council’s current Chair of the Education Committee, it’s her number one priority.

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