Helene Byrne

How to Live with Your Post-Baby Body (and Other Tips)

(Nov. 04, 2011) - It's hard to get back to your old self after you have a baby. Get some healthy tips on how to live with your mommy body and how to fit in fitness and exercise, plus advice on getting back your pre-baby bod.

You Stroll Girl! Great News for Stroller Moms

(Apr. 11, 2008) - The American Council on Exercise (ACE) has just released surprising results from a new study that measured the health benefits of fitness walking with your baby in a stroller. Research concludes that the intensity of the activity is almost double than previously assumed and meets current health guidelines.

Make Fitness Happen! 6 Easy Steps for New Moms

(Dec. 06, 2006) - The most challenging aspect of getting back into shape after pregnancy is not lack of desire, sleep deprivation, or bone-numbing fatigue — it’s time.

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