Alison Hogan

How to Keep Campers on a Healthy Food Track

(May. 21, 2008) - At sleepaway camp, kids often have access to sweets and treats from their fellow campers. Here's how to keeping them on a healthy food track.

Giving Up Joe for the Baby’s Sake

(Feb. 26, 2008) - Alcohol is clear; pregnancy is the time to abstain. But the subject of coffee and tea has been a cloudy one.

Sweet Sounds of Healing

(Jan. 17, 2008) - Gwennie and her parents have become pretty well accustomed to the surroundings of the Bone Marrow Transplant Unit at Schneider Children’s Hospital. The unit is cheerful in décor and staffed by caring professionals. Still, it's a stressful place for the Ihms of Sound Beach in Suffolk County, as they wait for the transplant they hope with allow Gwendolyn to begin living as a normal pre-schooler.

Empty Nest Syndrome?

(Dec. 04, 2007) - Why didn't someone explain that motherhood is a 24-hour, all-consuming job? But you adore your kids and can't imagine how you'll miss them when they finally go off to college. Your neighbor is an “empty nester” already - and she looks so lost. How will you cope when it actually happens?

Holiday Giving

(Dec. 01, 2007) - This year’s favorite places for families to give back.

FDA Calls For Ban On Kids' Cough & Cold Products

(Nov. 01, 2007) - The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is recommending that over-the-counter cough and cold medications be banned for children under 6.

Pet Turtles Pose Threat

(Oct. 13, 2007) - The FDA is reminding people of the risk of salmonellosis associated with pet turtles.

Infants and Epilepsy

(Oct. 13, 2007) - The Epilepsy Foundation has launched a new website about epilepsy and seizure disorders in infants up to age 3.

Fear be gone

(Oct. 13, 2007) - As a mother of two young boys, Dr. Jamie Johnson felt particularly empathetic when she encountered a terrified preschool dental patient.

The How To Summer Guide

(Oct. 13, 2007) - Summer has always been the happiest time of year for Chappaqua’s Suzanne Brown.

How To Choose A Great Pediatrician

(Oct. 13, 2007) - When you consider that your pediatrician will treat your son or daughter from infancy through adolescence and well into the teen years, it make sense that your family choose a doctor who is competent, kind, and available.

ABCs of Zs

(Oct. 13, 2007) - First Candle, the national infant health organization, has a new initiative, Bedtime Basics, which encourages safe sleeping practices.

Kidney Stones: On the Increase in Kids

(Sep. 18, 2007) - We all know an adult who has suffered the excruciating pain of passing a kidney stone. But until recently, the condition has been rare in kids.

The Web Wizards of Fairfield County

(Aug. 22, 2007) - When Sloane Feldman, Loryn Franco, and Heidi Kurlander-Kail — three Fairfield County moms — met at a playgroup, “it was natural that we would gravitate toward each other,” says Franco.

Mom’s not happy!

(Jul. 03, 2007) - A new survey of 1,062 moms reveals that most mothers today view themselves as the least happy family member.

Shy Kid? Stressed Mom?

(Jul. 03, 2007) - A new study contends that shyness in kids could be related to being raised by stressed-out parents.

New Center to Lead Asperger Research

(Jun. 06, 2007) - New York City will soon lead the way in the research and treatment of Asperger Syndrome, thanks to a donation recently bestowed on the NYU Child Study Center.

Wise up, girlfriends!

(May. 23, 2007) - According to a recent poll, 40 percent of teenage girls say that saving for college is their motivation to work during the summer. But along the way, pitfalls like credit cards, shopping, and treating friends hurt their chances to succeed.

Autism update

(May. 08, 2007) - Researchers at the University of Missouri-Columbia are looking at the possibility of being able to identify autism through the pupil of the eye.

Vitamins Before Pregnancy Now Urged

(Mar. 28, 2007) - Women who take multivitamins early in pregnancy may reduce the risk that their child will develop some types of brain tumors.

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