Marc Hoberman

The New State of Math: The Influence of Technology on Children's Education

(Oct. 20, 2009) - It was New Math in the 1960s, and New New Math in 1989. Rote math is no longer being taught and fundamentals have given way to new thinking strategies. Gone are the days when 8 + 7=15. Now 8 + 5 = about 15.

Help Your Child Gain Better Studying Skills

(Sep. 02, 2009) - Your child is struggling in school, and you want to help her in every way you can. Read on for tips to support your child's learning.

Making The New School Year Successful

(Sep. 03, 2008) - With the end of summer comes the inevitable stress of getting your children ready for another school year. Consider these tips to ease the way.

The Summer Brain Drain

(Jun. 18, 2008) - Studies have shown that children can lose between 10 and 25 percent of their reading skills over the course of the summer. This is directly due to the lack of work, skills and drills in which the student should be engaged over the break from school.

Is Your Child Struggling in School?

(Jan. 15, 2008) - With all the busy schedules of children today, it is harder than ever to motivate them in the school setting. But it’s important for parents to help keep kids on track. Here's a game plan!

10 Tips To Get Your Student's Grades Back Up

(Oct. 02, 2007) - Once October arrives, the leaves fall and a hint of winter is in the air. Along with the changes of nature, there may be something else arriving at home . . . progress reports, interim reports, or failure notices.

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