Kirsten Denker

Life Insurance: What Does Your Family Need?

(Mar. 17, 2010) - The death of a parent can leave families in financial turmoil. Read our tips for selecting a life insurance plan that's right for your family.

How to Manage Your Money in the New Year

How to Manage Your Money in the New Year

(Jan. 08, 2010) - Make 2010 the year to get your finances in shape - check out these tips from finance writer Kirsten Denker on how to manage your money in the year ahead.

Smart Money for Single Parents

(Dec. 21, 2009) - Check out these tips from finance guru Kara Stefan, single mom and author of "Head of Household: Money Management for Single Parents."

Talking Money and Parenting with Jim Rogers, Author of 'A Gift to My Children: A Father’s Lessons for Life and Investing'

(Dec. 04, 2009) - Finance legend Jim Rogers discusses his new book "A Gift to My Children: A Father’s Lessons for Life and Investing" and offers advice for parents on educating their children about money and investing.

How to Not Raise Material Girls (and Boys)

(Oct. 06, 2009) - Sometimes these are other people’s children; sometimes, God forbid, they are our own.

There’s No Such Thing as a Free Lunch, But…

(Sep. 02, 2009) - New York-area parents give advice on how to cut down on school lunch expenses - without sacrificing nutrition or quality.

Back to School Shopping on a Budget

(Aug. 07, 2009) - How about turning back-to-school shopping into a teachable moment — a real-life exercise for your kids in wants vs. needs and sticking to a budget?

How to Talk to Kids about the Recession

(Jul. 14, 2009) - More and more families this year have to explain to their kids that the Big Bad Wolf of recession is at the door...

For Teens, the Prepaid Credit Card

(Jun. 15, 2009) - One in five teens use a credit card. It's more important than ever for families to eliminate rash spending.

Money Lessons: Teach Your Children Well

(Apr. 17, 2009) - A Consumer Reports survey of 12-year-olds found that 28% didn't know that credit cards are a form of borrowing, 40% didn't know that banks charge interest on loans, and 34% didn’t know that you can’t tell how good a product is by how much it is advertised.

A Plus for Children’s Healthcare

(Mar. 12, 2009) - New York State’s subsidized healthcare plan, Child Health Plus, was expanded in the fall of 2008, raising the income threshold for eligibility from $44,000 (for a family of 3) to $70,000, & offers regular checkups, vaccinations, prescriptions, dental & vision care, hospital & emergency care, & more.

Allowing for Allowances

(Feb. 06, 2009) - When are children ready for an allowance? How much should it be?

Paying Down Holiday Debt

(Jan. 06, 2009) - You splurged on presents and treats for the family over the holidays and now the bills are coming in. What do you do?

Preventing the Flu in Your Family

(Nov. 18, 2008) - With the fall and winter seasons comes influenza, also known as the flu. No parent wants their children or any member of their family to get sick.

Summer Museum Fun in the City

(Jun. 03, 2008) - Gone are the old days when museums were stuffy, boring places for children. This summer, many city museums and a zoo are offering outdoor events, concerts, play spaces, and exhibits.

The Great TV Debate

(Feb. 26, 2008) - Dr T. Berry Brazelton, the child development expert and co-author of Touchpoints Three to Six, agrees with the American Academy of Pediatrics' advice restricting children under 2 from watching TV.

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