Penny Warner

Kids' Slumber Parties - Ideas, Tips, and Guidelines to Make Them Great

(Oct. 27, 2009) - Check out these tips from Penny Warner, author of "Slumber Parties: 25 Fun-Filled Party Themes," on how to make your child's next slumber party both memorable and fun!

How To Throw an 'Up' Birthday Party for Kids

(Apr. 07, 2009) - If one of your children has a birthday coming up, build a party theme around Disney Pixar’s new movie, 'Up!'

Make Your Child's Birthday Special

(Nov. 10, 2008) - 20 easy, inexpensive, and imaginative touches for your child's birthday.

Get Straight As On Your Graduation Party

(Jun. 03, 2008) - Hosting a goodbye-to-grades celebration doesn't require a lot of pomp and circumstance. Follow these easy tips to make your graduation celebration a "class" act.

Birthday Party Do’s and Don’ts: A Parent’s Refresher on Party Etiquette

(Apr. 14, 2008) - Parties are the spice of life – a time to gather with friends, laugh, talk, play games and enjoy one another’s company. Still, there are some rules of etiquette when it comes to hosting or attending a party that you need to be aware of. Here are some tips for handling common party concerns to make sure you and your child are invited back!

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