Barbara Cole Feiden

When Your Child Has an Eating Disorder

(Sep. 21, 2004) - “Mary Jones” was a very sick 14-year-old. The name isn’t real but the disease is: She had bulimia and it could have been fatal.

Touring the Great Estates

(May. 21, 2004) - In 1966, Congress declared the Hudson River Valley a National Heritage Area. Many of the beautiful great estates here, with their magnificent views of the Hudson River, were built and decorated by famous architects and designers as country retreats for families of enormous wealth. All are open to the public and are within 75 miles of mid-Westchester.

Vacationing — close to home

(Apr. 21, 2003) - Very long journeys with young children may be taxing for all family members, but shorter, well-planned trips can be fun and a learning experience. The suggested destinations included here are under 200 miles from central Westchester. You and your kids may just remember them for a lifetime.

Keelin’s Wish: To Play with Her Family

(Dec. 21, 2002) - Five-year old Keelin Burns of Pearl River is blind. Her ability to talk is limited, and she needs help walking. But she laughs happily as she plays with her brother and sister on her new, custom-designed swing set, a gift from the Make a Wish Foundation of the Hudson Valley.

THERE’S A BABY WAITING FOR YOU! Westchester Parents on International Adoption

(Nov. 21, 2002) - “My daughter is Chinese. She will grow up as an American but her heritage is Chinese and I want her to remember that.” These are the words of Marjorie Berman of Ardsley, the adoptive mother of four-year-old Sophia Kosman, who left her native country at the age of 13 months. Like most Americans who have adopted children from other countries in recent years, Berman is determined that her daughter will be proud of the place where she was born.

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